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Alexa play metallica fade to black
Back to the standard 3 carts, hoo boy.
WHAT that better mean hes easier
Nope, he's just as hard as he is in the Special Quest. Even harder now that you're back to 3 carts. Good thing is that if you're running it with randoms in specific lobbies, your success rate is higher than it is in the Special Quest, you're running it with people that managed to beat Fatalis after all, most of them already got the hang of the battle and know what they're doing. Even if you're going solo, you can do it. I know, he's sturdy as hell, hits like a six-axle truck but he ain't immortal. Test weapons, builds, strategies and take him on with something you feel comfortable with. Trial and error is the way to go, keep trying until you succeed, go out there and show that limp d**k neck lizard who runs this town.
the funny thing is, this is ONLY BLACK FATALIS, there are stronger versions, but they MEGABUFFED black fatalis to make him Way stronger