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Is it just sorceries or is it magic damage in general? Like Will I get extra damage on the Moonlight Greatsword?
It doesn't effect the magic damage from weapons, only from spells.
It increases magic adjust, so it only works on increasing scaling from spell casting items
Sorry guys, i have a problem. I killed the golden golem, but I didn't summon Elizabeth and I went to directly retrieve the object for the DLC. going back, I saw that her symbol was not there and neither was her set behind the vortex. Should I do ng +? Thanks for the help
You have to kill Manus to save Dusk. After you do that, her sign and armour set will be accessible again.
Thank you, @Anonymius Sunbrotherino, you answered one question, i wasnt even able to answer after ~15Minutes Googlework
Every invader uses this and pyromancy.
I mean, if From refuses to balance their game, might as well abuse what is broken. So I don't blame em.
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When it says "reduces Magic defence by 30%" does it mean ONLY magic? So fire and lightning defense just kept the same?