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Is he holding de dodogama
Yes he was.
didn't see that one lol
I fought this thing for three seconds then BAM im dead
You have proven to be difficult, irritating, and hard to solo (also counting in the temperd version) but alas as time goes bye your fights became dull, with master rank equipment your damage is laughable, and you soon became forgotten. we appreciate the monster and the crossover game devs but when Iceborne came out the behemoth is no more.... but he will forever be....in my heart.. the hardest quest in world.
Exremoth is pretty much impossible with randoms...
His hindlegs are very weak to ice damage, Dragon doesnt seem to do much damage in iceborne for some reason? I also noticed that his front legs is weak to water, I discoverd this when i experimented with my kinsect
the reign of the behemoth has ended but soon this march when rise comes out the behemoth will be just a angry memorie and the reigns of fatalis and alatreon will have come to an end
until oneday capcom decided to add them as an update
Capcom: we need an endgame update monster
Everyone: *grins with malicious intent*


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First of all this thing is ugly.

Secondly do I need Stun Resistance or Tremor to not be stun locked into oblivion by his stupid belly flops
We can all agree the wind that follow's you is the worst i personally use an insect glaive and it sucks especially when uou solo it i made the introduction quest solo im afraid to do the next bahemoth i can't do multiplayer
Charybdis. Meteor. More Charybdis. A Few more meteors. Melee attacks. Do you want some more meteors? No? Well, take one more Charybdis instead and few more melee attacks. And now a few comets and a few thunderbolts, some more Charybdis and... oh, my... did I shatter the comets? What a shame... pardon me, what time is it? Oh, it's f**k you o' clock. Here's my parting gift: an Eclipitc Meteor for you and your friends, think you can dodge it? Then try and jump as high as possible. And there you have it: Duty Failed. Again. Until next time, hunter.

Yours truly: Extremoth