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Honestly, I hate what they did to the Darkmoon Blades. They were never cooperators, but hunters of sin, and this ruined that reputation. Why have two covenants serving the exact same purpose?! Why change what could have been an amazing covenant to being a copycat covenant with rewards?
Absolute lazyness, that's why.
*3 covenants...


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this wiki mixed up darkmoons and sentinels, this wiki says darkmoon are dark blue and sentinels are light blue while its actually the opposite.
who the f cares bro
I do
I also do
Quick update, I also care
Waahh. FROM are terrible developers! I just wanna invade a host while having a build specifically tailored to exploit their low leveled damage, defenses, HP and unexplored level without being bullied myself. T^T Hosts need to understand that I'm more important than them and I'm THEIR punishment for playing this game online and Embered. I'm above reproach, above being counter invaded and above being ganked (though if you get me down I won't think twice to beeline to a dense mob.)
This idiot represents how useless are the casuls without 2 phantoms on their back.
git gud, phantoms has reduced stats the more there are lol.
the amount of people here that don't understand that this is a joke astounds me, stay toxic fextra
LOL! How funny they didnt get the joke!!! Great comment.


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Correction: Blades of The ****moon
Correction Alt: ***s of The Darkmoon