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looks like the squire armor from gondor in return of the king
Hi people! I just realized that i missed this part about the sirris questline and i'm really bummed out about it. Does anyone have the armor set and the axe to sell?
Go to ng+, ya dum bum
Great for cosplaying your favourite definitely-not-Australian-knight


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Shad from Shadiversity?
I beat him in sirris world already but he won't spawn
You have to beat him in Sirrius' Questline and be Embered for him to invade you just after the Church of Yorshka bonfire. However, if you've already beaten Pontiff, then he will not spawn no matter what. All NPCs disappear after clearing the area boss because you're no longer able to be invaded.
You also need to be online. Some NPC invasions don't work offline, which is dumb af.
You don't need to be online, but you do need to do this before you kill Pontiff.
also i think you cant kill pontiff yet
instead of the steel mask put on your templar helm and equip your claimour and lets take back the holy land!!!
Damn, I missed the 2nd encounter. It's NG+ than I guess..



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Why does this set make me want to eat a breadsticc
Can We Get This Armor After Defeating The sulyvahn?
You don't even have to beat Sulyvahn. You can do it as soon as you kill Creighton as an invader(in your world).
I love all the people asking to trade for it, like dude just do the quest line it's not that hard and if you somehow **** it up (which I can't even see happening honestly) just do it next loop. NOBODY IS GONNA GIVE YOU THE SET FOR LIKE 5 BOSS SOULS STOP ASKING.
I have like 500 hours in this game. I'm only now finding out this exists WTF
Same bruh