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Sad that they forgot to had the torch of the farron followers =/
Has everyone accepted that pkcs is the greatest weapon of all time
Every weapon is viable. Hard to believe, I know!
Get the f off this site you autistic pkcs casual
never used pkcs stilled kicked ***
Any suggestions for a fun weapon to try? Meta or not, I'm always looking to try out fun new builds
Pkcs is the one true weapon everything else will make you a casul
Claws are fun and very non meta. Hard to use at first, but they can deal out stuipidly high damage in PvE and PvP
Dragonslayer Swordspear. Pretty good weapon, not widely used, spear running attack to kill off boring roll spammers, and an amazing, underrated weapon art. If its weapon art was a miracle, it would be one of the best miracles in the game.
Gonna second the Dragonslayer Swordspear. Had a friend drop one for me at the start of the game and it was by far my favorite weapon to use in PvP and PvE
murky hand scythe is a really good weapon imo. It's not 'meta' but it's really good if you know how to use it. After 800 hours with it I can confidently say that it is one of the most fun and underrated weapons i've used



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Im not sure if the person above was joking about murky hand scythe “not” being meta. Who cares about what is meta or not, most of us will not be trying to actually compete with the sweatlords so what does it matter? Theres tons of good weapons in the game, and the top tier weapons should be at the top of the list of weapons to try. Dont take these random comments saying one particular thing is incredibly overpowered too seriously. For instance these comments have tons of mention of pontiff knight curved sword, but then above someone mentions the just as or more powerful murky hs is not an op meta weapon. Dark Souls 3 thankfully has a pretty good range of powerful weapons that can go head to head with the others, and theyre are at least one for almost every playstyle.
Casul, your next line is: "PKCS is the best weapon!"
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Dark souls 2 is more fun than trash souls 3.
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I personally enjoy Ds2 more than 3 as well, but calling it trash with no reason nor explanation is just asking to get downvoted
plot twist the pkcs guy is noob slayer
it is a bad wiki
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I been seeing a lot of people say pkcs. What does that mean?
pontiff knight curved sword