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Love this weapon. Some might say the split damage is a detriment, but given that most foes are vurnerable to dark OR fire, with this weapon you cover both bases nicely. A Dark Claymore is better for pure damage, but doesn't have the ability to add fire damage at will.
The only problem is that if this is your primary weapon, you might have trouble against Midir or some other miscellaneous enemies, but that is very situational. Still a pretty good weapon.
Fire and dark. Good weapon against Nameless King.
Bout to theory craft a dark/light faith build using this and frayed with poise casting sure hope it works out
At sl125 should be able to hit soft caps with a few points left over for health or the additional dex I need too
This weapon seems to have really low hyperpoise compared to other greatswords.

1. low str/dex stat requirment for a dark/pyromancer build

2. good damage output higher than other dark infused weapons, because it has the advantage of being buffed with wa adding 166 fire damage with fire clutch ring

3. very good moveset with thrust atacks

4. longest GS in the game

5. looks really cool!


1. cant be infused but for this weapon this is not really a con since it s purpose is meant to be used by int/faith builds. So, other than not being versatile, like a claymore for example that can be used by both physical and magic builds, this weapon does not have a con.


A great weapon for a pyromancer or a dark build. good damage, good moveset, fire and dark damage, all these make this a great weapon for pvp and pve alike. Excells at low lvl pvp as a pyromancer needs only 5 levels investment to wield it, it is available pretty early in the game (needs only vordt and sage to be killed) but is good for a dark build at higher levels as well. A dedicated pyro with 12 dex can use both this and sunlight ss for variety and damage buff combo.

Enjoy the MLGS of pyromancers!
I wouldn't use the fire clutch ring, but I do use the dark clutch ring on my dark build with this weapon... but only for PVE, clutch rings are nerfed in PVP. Fire clutch will give you 21 extra damage, and the fire damage doesn't scale, at 40/40 int/faith this is about 3% extra damage for a huge hit to your survivability.
It was just an example. Onyx blade is best used with blindfold mask and dark clutch in pve and only blindfold mask in pvp and dark pellet to compensate for increase dark damage.
or, become a god by making a +10 chaos lothric knight sword with 40/40 fth int on a level 70 invation build for anorlondo and get allllll the spicy hatemail
weapon art swap with follower saber, and you have BBC but on fire