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Rule 1 of online: China = blocked


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Wow! I never knew FromSoftware would add ice skaters to Dark Souls 3! Such a surprise, right guys?
Your internet sucks
Commenter you’re wrong, this game causes players to lag out every time another joins a multiplayer session. It’s so embarrassing to see it happen in the final game that was supposed to improve on the rest...
Imagine if getting softbanned would actually just put you in a chinese server. No one would dare cheat again
Imagine a dark souls game where the pvp wasn't absolute ****
Dark souls 2
The only good pvp is the one miyazaki doesn't touch.
How many breaks have you eaten in your life? =
How many Chinese have you blocked in your life?
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Sh¡t, didn't show properly
am i the only one who cant find a world to invade? ive tried to invade using red eye orb like 10 times and was succesful once
try moving to an area where more people people would be embered up (e.g outside a boss area) and around yout soul level bracket <3