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This sword just looks so damn good. I know people focus on min/maxing and finding the single biggest bonk in the game, but I almost always go for this sword on strength builds because to me, Fashion Souls extends to the weapons as well.
It looks really good with the armor of favor with no helmet.
can you use it in the left hand ?

does it change the moveset/ increase damage, like in DS2 ?
No, that’s just a ds2 thing. Only dark souls 2 was he stated as left handed, not in ds1

Just use abyss greatsword dude
Bruh, I crafted this thing twice instead of crafting the not cursed version. I'm a ****ing idiot.
I know right
I did the same thing except I crafted two of the Greatshield of Artorias and I turned of my pc and left the game for a hole day. I was so pissed off.
So, is there any benefit to having this sword over the cursed version? I see the requirements are higher for this one, but I don't see any real benefit of using this instead of the cursed version.
140% Divine damage is still 140% holy damage.
Except that Divine and Occult is not properly implemented into game, so Divine only works against skeletons(but not Nito) and Occult only works against Gwyn/Gwyndolin/O&S and the Black/Silver Knights.
So no: No real benefit.
Meanwhile DS3 added the Hollowslayer Greatsword, which correctly works against everything ingame Hollow.
I didn't see that it did Divine damage on here, but that's good to know. I was planning to ascend another weapon to Divine for a run through the Catacombs and use the cursed version of this in New Londo to try it out. I just didn't wanna miss out on anything.
bro, in ds3 the hollowslayer greatsword is disappointing, it doesn't deal bonus damage to hollowed players...
it literally says the benefit why would you ask without reading
Is there a way to land the R2 attack other than your opponent DC'ing in PVP or the enemy glitching out in PVE ?