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So let me get this straight: you're sitting in a place that snows 24/7 with literally sheets for clothes, barefoot to boot, and you haven't frozen to death!

Then again, this is Dark Souls after all.
Lore theory: Maybe Yorshka is the daughter or reincarnation (or both somehow) of Priscilla and Gwyndolin took her in while she was young and told her that they were siblings. They might actually be related too if you believe that Priscilla's mother is Gwynevere.
I'm Sorry little one, but I've been using the initial Chime for too long...
Me, after crossing the invisible bridge: i wonder who is this girl and what is she doing here...

This girl: "shows that she's leading the most disgraceful covenant in the game that makes aldrich's faithfuls look like sunbros in comparison"

Also me: *charges lightning stake*
Her name sounds like my favorite band Yorushika.
Man, **** me. I accidentally nuked her with the chaos orb.
cute voice, nice feet
10/10 waifu
Came for the covenant and stayed for the feet
came for the covenant and came from the feet
Well done sir
came for the covenant came on the feet


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turns out she drops a chime and it had the best spell buff, had to kill her to boost my sunlight spear to the next level, if you are doing the covenant obviously wait to be done with it and get the extra catalyst afterwards, did i mention it has an S scaling in faith?
After being a darkmoon from ds1 and a blue sentinel in dark souls 2, i kinda hoped in ds3 it would be the same. With you invading the invader's own world, punishing the sinner and yata yata. I was kinda annoyed when i found the sentinels were nothing but 2 more phantoms to carry you through the game, but i thought it just was one of miyazaki's many ways of saying "i hate ds2".

But turns out the darkmoon covenant and the blue sentinels are EXACTLY the same in this game. Instead of punishing the guilty, or at least making them regret halting the progress of other players by using enemies to gank, i'm doing the opposite wich is ganking along the host's phantoms and giving free help to those who don't truly need it and DEFINETLY don't deserve it.

Needless to say, i was infuriated enough to destroy this crossbreed bastard once i got all this covenant could offer and i'll continue to kill her on each ng+ i go through.

The way i see it, she's guilty for degenerating the entire souls community, and vengeance shall be served in this game and beyond.
Imagine disliking a true darkmoon knight.