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5 years have past and people still arguing about this, i love this community
Her old man had it coming. Her brother had it coming. She had it coming.
RPing a Cleric who serves the gods. Never gets this chime.

RPing a murderous Dark Overlord. Has a whole sackful of these chimes.
Guys, she is just a game character. And not your weird waifu.
And even if she were real. I bet she wouldn't choose some weebie neckbeards who are drooling over her. She would surely be embarrassed.
Don't bother having morals in a world shaped by deception and lies. The fire fades, and so will the world that was molded with it.
b-b-but yorshka is a cutie...
Imagine Pontiff imprisoned Yorshka just because people would simp on her? xD