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Why Pyrokinetic clear mind? should make people crazy.
tbf you can clean wounds with a heated blade, and well..idk what else to say lol. they could not really just put all buffs into one class
Fire is actually nice. But you always overload the map very quickly and turn the whole battle into an inferno. But if you want to do damage quickly, take earth and fire together and let go of an Armageddon ^^ It was always too clumsy for me ...
Feel like they really should have had some defensive spell against Fire damage in there, cause all other spell classes have at least some sort of defensive mechanics, without having to get Polymorph: Aero have teleport, get increased Air resistance, Geomancers are typically Undead that are already immune to poison and also have a skill that gives both Poison and Earth immunity, Hydro comes with lots of healing and Magic armour. It is so easy to ignite the entire map, and it tends to hurt you more then your enemies it feels like, since they come in higher numbers, have more armours and HP, and it becomes even worse with Necrofire. You encounter tons of Necrofire very early into the game even, right near the end of the island, and without spending source points, only one spell from Hydro, not even from Pyro, can clear it. And the enemies are smart enough to even teleport or Netherswap you into these burning ground.
there is the Demon talent, which makes you immune to fire and vulnerable to water
Well in my opinion that makes sense. I have enough experience and variety of builds to give a supported opinion, and I think that most all schools are balanced. Fire focuses on raw power, water on defense and KO, aero on control and KO, and geo on defense and control. They're all different, but all are fun and all are powerful in the right circumstances. DOS2 is a surface based game, so use surfaces to your advantage, and try your best to not get stuck in your own deathtraps.

That being said, I don't think fire spells should destroy fire. Being in theme with the others, a good spell that could be added would be a huge aoe DOT spell sorta hyprid thunderstorm/pyroclastic eruption type spell except fire (and obviously balanced), not a fire clearing spell.