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By Divine_Knight
Remember those undead Knights with the cool red capes found in the Undead Burg and Sens Fortress? They are called Balder Knights. They are popular for there pretty good Balder Sidesword and of course the fact, that they wear a cool cape. (and the frustration, that our character dont get the cape, if he wears this set ☹). Anyways, its fact, that they are from a different kingdom. The Balderkingdom. With Knight King Rendal. You may came across some coins picturing Knight King Rendal himself, allfather LIoyd and so on. This coins are most likely from Balder. Thats everything what the game explicity states. Now ill make some connections.
Im pretty sure you also took on a few Berenike Knights and of course Big Iron Tarkus. Tarkus is, and im pretty sure of that, a member of the Berenike Knights. Yes, i also think, that Berenike isnt a land oor a country like Lordran and Drangleic. Im pretty sure Berenike is a Woman. I tried to translate it and voila. Its a name. For a Women. Not only A Women, im pretty sure she is/was the Wife of Knight King Rendal. It was pretty common to have elite guards fort he Queen or the royal Family and i think, thats where Tarkus and his Berenike Knights are in Charge. Maybe she is even the dead body with the Firekeeper Soul in the Undead Church. But i dont have evidence fort hat other, that there is a Berenike Knight very near and a some Balder Knights.(Maybe Rendals Backup? Or his Plan B for Escape? Or to protect the dead Body of the Queen?)
Well, they didnt came very far. Only Tarkus, a single Balder Knight and 2 Berenike Knights arrived in Anor Londo. Rendal and his men died in Sens Fortress. (Who could blame them?)
And i want to add, there are 3 different types of Balder Knights. Light Crossbow, Balder Side Sword with Balder Shield and Rapier with Buckler. Remember that.
On Top of Sens Fortress, is a special hollow you can find and kill. He gives you a special Rapier. Ricards Rapier. That Guy was most likely Ricard. Prince Ricard. There are already Theories about Ricard being Rendals Son. And i absolutely agree with that. Because Ricard does not only wield a Rapier like the other Balder Knights (The Side Sword is kind of a rapier, its more like a mixture between rapier and a Sword), he also wields a Buckler. Coincidence? I think not! But he wears a elite Knight Set. Straight out of Astora, why most fans think he is out of Astora. I have an explanation for that. Well, did you try to wear the Balder Knight Set? Looks like ****, doesnt it? It doesnt fit for a Prince. And i believe From didnt wanted to make an original Set for a guy you only met once and eventually kill right of the bat. Thats it. Deepest Lore.
What do you Guys think? Is there something i overlooked? Is it to late to bring up Dark Souls 1 Theories in 2021? Was my English terrible? Or is there something to support this Theory of mine?
By Divine_Knight
Its me again. Im sorry, this doesnt belong here. Im new and i thought anything related to dark souls includes theories and lore. Ill post that again in the Archives.