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Chosen Undead

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I just edited the post, Plastic. Look above.

Anyways... I try to make as much good points as possible. Image Otherwise, there is no point of making a theory or speculation, other than to fantasize... which I can do with my literature and imagination, not archaeology. Thank you.



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Hey, I read the debate and I'll just jump into the conversation if that's alright.

First of all about the huge horned skull, since that's what the topic is about. I see how you debated about it being reminiscent of a Dragon or a Giant, (even though you leaned towards it being the skull of a Chaos Demon towards the end) what if it is a little bit of both? We know that the Stone Dragon, who is a descendant of the Everlasting Dragons has the power to bestow dragon-like qualities to Humans. Which means it's ancestors probably had similar powers, and even stronger ones at that. What if they bestowed dragonoid qualities to a Giant, effectively making him look like that?

Second, I read your theory about Artorias being the Four King, Acidic. And by the Sun, that might be the best theory I have ever read. For that theory to be true though, Ornstein we fight in Anor Londo doesn't necessarily have to be an illusion. We know New Londo was flooded to contain the Darkwraiths. If Artorias was one of these servants of the Abyss, he probably would not flood his own forces.

What if it was Ornstein who made the decision to flood New Londo? He might be real when we fight him in Anor Londo. The captain of the four knights, clinging to an illusion of a Goddess, doing whatever he can to make sure the Age of Fire continues. Just like his God did.

Last of all, if I might add a little speculation myself on top of your theory?

The Chosen Undead kills Artorias's 'flesh' in Oolacile. Then the Chosen Undead proceeds to give his soul to Ciaran, as an act of honor to the fallen hero of whom he also creates a false legend, so Artorias is remembered as a hero. Then with the soul of Artorias, Ciaran proceeds to somehow revive her beloved. Artorias, who was corrupted by the Abyss even before his death while trying to save Sif, is now in a covenant with the creatures of Abyss, to come back to life. These 'creatures of the Abyss' is probably the Primordial Serpents, namely Kaathe, as you suggested.

Realising what she has turned her beloved into, Ciaran mourns until she dies by the false grave. This theory also explains why Artorias's grave in our current time is not at the spot where he died, and explains why Ciaran is near that false grave even though she knew exactly where Artorias died.


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User wrote:We debated about this in the Archives... there is a lot of information there if you look.

But the general conclusion is that they are Dragons.

Curious, the Skulls found in the Tomb of Giants have the same teeth, and their body is shaped to be humanoid, yet beastly also.

Of course, you must understand that Dragons are giants, they are not small critters... Basilisks and Drakes are not Dragons... think of them as the Dragon equivalent of a Chicken (Basilisk) and a Rat (Drake).

There are Dragons such as the Gaping and Seath that show difference than that of the Everlasting... of course that difference is probably the reason why the Great Lord Gwyn did not kill them, and instead killed the Everlasting Dragons towards extinction.

I would wager that it is a dead undead from the tomb of giants. You can after all, see ash lake from the tomb of giants on the walkway leading to the golden fog door.

To also comment on your dragon thought, I can’t entirely disagree there either. While none of the dragons in ds1 really match the size of the skull in ash lake, both the skeleton dragon and the guardian dragon from ds2 without a doubt are on the same scale.


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After watching Hawkshaw's long lore video regarding Ash Lake (and the giant skull), I believe his theory has the strongest foundation that I've seen so far

He concludes that the skull belongs to the Giant Blacksmith Deity

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