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Biggest ******* boss in all Souls series including Sekiro. This is not about skill, it's just about luck. Try a hundred times until the stars align and the boss does normal moves and not hit you trough the roll. If you value your time, just skip it, it's just artificial difficulty for no reason.
git gud casul
Honestly, the easiest way to beat this ****er is to just SKIP the whole fight and torture! I'm on NG+5 in DS3 and no matter which NG+, I ALWAYS get insta-killed within just a few seconds upon dropping down to the boss area
We should just call him Midir slayer of casual
i'm not a pro on this series, but here's glance of my stats because i just did it after 3 tries (without embered!)
Vigor: 40
Endurance: 40
Vitality: 28
Weapon: Sharp Lothric knight sword + 10
Shield: Havel greatshield +5 (max)
Rings: Sun of princess (health regen), Havel +3, Chloranthy ring+3, ring of favor +3

if you're desperate take your time to level up and farm the angel warriors above grand archives. Greatshield of glory/havel can stagger them pretty easily.

As long as midir in front of you, lock on him while baiting his paw slam, after he finishes, land 1/2 hit, repeat. If he ever gets above you for being too close, lock off the camera, roll, and adjust your position again (in front of him). His laser wont hit you if you're below him, but as soon as he finishes the laser, roll out and return in front of him. If he summons the dark projectiles that chases you, lock off, run away diagonally (it's a bit difficult to evade it perfectly, you may get 1-2 hits from the projectiles, but as long as you dont blunder in the rests of his attacks, 15 estus is more than enough).
Play safe, dont get greedy.

this is the full video what to do in every move he does, much better than fextralife
Unless you’re dex is up as high as well, wouldn’t it be better to have your weapon heavy infused
Why do people say not to stand under him? Trigger his standing up fire breath and get free shots at his tail while he does it, then he jumps back, easily dodge his tail swipe, then get free shots at his head. This boss is piss ****ing easy
this boss is so ****ing easy, all you **** pandas need to start dodging
Took me 20+ tries first time last summer, but I cleared him today in second playthrough on third try. His moves are incredibly punishing, but you can get the rhythm down. On the white beam move, roll into the explosion are right after it explodes. He won’t strike that path a second time. Then you can get ready near his head for more hits.

First try: +10 Sharp Estoc, 40str/40dex
Second try: +10 Sharp Ricard’s Rapier, lightning blade, 40 dex/45 Faith
damn swipes man ,they are either too slow or too fast and hits like truck ,i hate you dankeater ...i hate you
Idk why so many ppl complicates themselves when the fight itself is as simple as ds2's dragonrider bossfight (warning butthurts: SIMPLE and EASY are entirely different concepts). My strategy is the one that always ends up killing it, whether i'm a melee or a caster.

1rst, stick to the head and stay in front of him, because anywhere else takes x10 less damage from your attacks.

2nd. never roll towards him at melee range. Dodge backwards or to the sides depending on where his slashes and bites are coming from. Dodging towards him usually triggers it's fire breath and, while heavily telegraphed, it's something annoying to wait for.

3rd. The arena is huge, so don't mind about being pushed back repeatedly. Midir will eventually jump backwards if you re consisntent with your hits.

4rth it's second phase is almost skippable if you ve been hitting his head in the whole fight due to the huge damage midir takes from riposte. If he doesn't die from it, just rinse and repeat the previous steps.

Now, for certain attacks...

The charge attack the bossfight starts with: is highly detrimental for the boss as it will only position itself to your reach. If you dodge towards his fire breath and/or claws, you will end up behind him and you will have to chase him in order to deliver the first hits, so it's best to just wait for him and dodge hist last attacks to get the head faster. In phase 2 he will do this charge twice, so just dodge the first and wait there, he'll come back.

The downward fire breath (standing): As mentioned before, he will do this attack if you dodge towards him at melee range, wich will position you right under him. Run away to avoid the flames and make sure you re facing him when this attack ends, and keep smashing that jaw.

Tail sweep: This is the attack only those who refuse to learn won't be able to adapt to. And another reason why summoning is a bad idea. This attack is triggered by hitting midir's back side, whether it's the legs, the tail or the lower spine (where you SHOULD NOT HIT HIM). Not only your attacks will be practically useless there, but midir will retaliate with a tail swipe that covers a large amount of area, isn't so telegraphed as his other attacks and can easily one-shot you. With this attack, the game itself tells you that you' re doing it wrong.

Fire breath + dark beam: After the downward fire breath he does on four legs, a dark beam usually follows up. The timing to dodge this beam is the halo in the charging laser. When it disappears, midir will shoot the beam right towards you, so dodge sideways and keep away from that area to avoid the dark explosion from the beam's trails. An horizontal sweep with the dark beam will follow up this attack, so dodging backwards is recommended.

Dark explosion (2nd phase): Ok, this is ovbious as ****. You might have the time to give the head 1 or 2 hits, but don't take more risks and run away. Once the explosion is over you can go back to the hits.

Dark laser barrage (2nd phase): The startup of this phase is highly telegraphed. As usual, use the halo around the charging laser to time your dodge. After that, several horizontal and diagonal sweeps will follow, and these doesn't follow a certain pattern. They chase the are where you are at the moment, so roll backwards. You might risk to roll forwards as well, but that requires far better reflexes in order to not get caught by the delayed explosions. This attack ends with another forward laser sweep wich is the most damaging, so time your roll well. After this attack, midir will fall to the ground and he will be vulnerable for several seconds, so feel free to deplete your stamina bar on his head.

Important note: midir's general stats are off the scale, but health is the highest. So summoning for this fight is the dumbest idea if you re not an expert at this game.

That's about it, just some tips for certain attacks. The rest is easy peasy.
This comment is oozing with "Full of himself"
This is easily my favorite fight in the entire game. One of the best songs to listen to while fighting and a very satisfying fight to master.