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Hi i wonder if i can trade my wepons and gears in between my charters? Thx
You can give to friend. Switch chars and get back
Friend required ahade
you can trade anything with your different account except spells, materials, key items, and covenants.
But you need a friend to do it.
It seems impossible to create a character with white hair. The only colour I can get is a very light grey. Is it really like this or is it somehow possible to create white hair?
Custom sliders at the bottom. Max out rgb.
@ comment 11 Feb 2017

I tried that out before, but sadly that won't allow you a different coulor than very light grey.
it is your screen/tv settings. look into calibrating your display. had to do mine when i got it. i was lucky and there was a game mode... couldnt get black or white hair on the default settings on some other game I was playing at the time..
Meu troféu mestre dos milagres não caiu alguém sabe pq?
hi :)
Bye :)
Firelink Shrine who's the guy upstairs that ask for forgiveness should I forgive him or not what will happen if I do or don't.......
Dont you get a free rusted coin
if you do you can continue siegwards questline
Moaning Knight -Sadly he does not moan
So my character name just randomly changed. Now there's a japanese symbol after the name. The name was "Athena" and got changed to "Athena劫". Looking up the character, it can mean "threat" or "long ages". Does anybody know why that happened?
where can i find yuria of londor?
In the fire link shrine after taking all the free level of the priest (unded setelment)