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I'm gonna use this for my Raiden Cosplay
Are you gonna use it for your Raiden cosplay?
I'm gonna use this for my Raiden Cosplay
Did anyone use this for their Raiden cosplay yet?
Anyone tried doing a Penitent One Cosplay yet?
Looking Glass Knight is the Penitent zone after Blasphemous
Gimme a dislike
I got mixed feelings about this weapon. I know it is strong; a proper faith build will make this weapon destroy anything in its path. Nevertheless, great swords in DS2 SotFS are not my cuppa.
I don't think they mention it, but does the projectile scale solely off the lightning damage the weapon does and that's why the projectile hits for less? The moonlight greatsword works the exact same way, and it's mentioned on it's page. Not here though.