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How the **** are you supposed to kill Amygdala by yourself? It one shots me all the ****ing time
Don't summon Queen Killer. You just give Amy more health. Pick your shots, get out. Any truly isn't that bad. It's a battle of patience.
Ok so i just tackle this challenge today and even tho I died like 10 times, Its mostly a patience test, At least for me it worked to just move around and wait for an attack to end so i can reach its head, if he does a move where i knew my weapon could not reach it I went for the legs (My best weapon at that moment was the Beast Cutter so it was hard to really learn his moveset to know when he lowers his head enough for me to reach it). For what i can tell the runes that helps you max out hp are not worth it for this chalice, so i took runes to upgrade my visceral attack, to hold on more blood vials and to level up my arcane defense.
git gud to all the newbz that can't beat amygdala
Nothing says "We ran out of ideas" quite like a Dungeon with no new bosses whose only gimmick is tiny arenas and halved health. This term gets thrown around a lot but this is actual artificial difficulty.
Sounds like someone couldn't beat it
This dungeon is ****ing absurd.
I am going to curse and defile the ******* of whoever designed this dungeon
I love this dungeon. Mo, I'm not being facetious. I really do. The true Bloodborne starts here.
I went all-in upgrading my cannon and bloodtinge just so that, in the chance that I got a defiled boss down to 1/5 of their health, 2 shots from the cannon just might finish them off or allow me to get in a hit or two. I ended up killing Watchdog this way and the rest was breezy.
"A chalice that breaks a labyrinth seal.defiled chalice.png". Now that's some juicy lore right. "defiled chalice.png" could suggest that Bloodborne is actually a simulation, and not real life. Was Yharnam never real? Did we really hunt beasts, or were they just pixels on a screen?
ok i played Lower Pthumeru Chalice and my final boss is a giant spider and i didn't get any chalice for killing final boss??
There's a fourth layer, after Rom (the spider)