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For the Puncture Resistant Rocker Ankle Boots in downtown, if you dont have 12 body you can just get down to the right and jump up using a breach in the fence.
Puncture Resistant Rocker Ankle Boots does not require 12 Body to get. Where you see the gate that needs 12 Body, hop off to the side onto a ledge. Follow it to the end and there is an opening in the enclosure you can climb into.
Heat Resistant Nanoweave Media Shirt: The only mission I am aware of in that location is speaking with Claire directly after finishing The Beast in me: City Center.
There's also a legendary rocker bra
Found out that Reinforced Seam Cotton Rocker Tank will be a bra if you're playing as a female
Two items with around 20% chance to spawn in legendary quality (otherwise purple). Never seen them in any guides.
1) Police helmet with anti-shrapnel visor.
Gig: "cuckoo's nest". Helmet located on second floor, directly between elevator/stairs and cell with mission target.

2) Militech heavy tactical vest.
Gig: "radar love". INside garage with two hatches on roof (one directly behind target vehicle).

Another item is almost 100% spawns as legendary.
3) Loose-fits with micromesh underlayer.
Gig: "goodbye night city". Inside central building, door with very low tech skill check right behind locker with another legendary item (SMG).
Durable Bioleather Nomad Western Boots - The closest fast travel point is actually "Old Turbines" :)