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I was invading and I noticed he didnt spawn even though I was fighting the host right in front of the lever that lowers the ramp. I ended up killing the host but never could figure out why Sir Vilhelm didn't spawn to help me against the host. I've invaded there countless times and when it comes to it, I'll retreat to the Sir Vilhelm room and wait for him to spawn once the host gets near. But this last time he never did.
Maybe if you weren't such a stupid bltch you'd realize why its not working.
Maybe if you weren't such a stupid ***** you would realize why it's not working.
spineless using such tactics. doth thou have no honour. well i guess some go hollow quicker then others.
Maybe if you weren't such a stupid bltch you'd realize why it's not working.
I havent go trough the bridge but from the corvian village and sir vilhelm attacked me when I entered the church, I teleported my self back and when Ive traversed the bridge and entered the bonfire where frida is, and no sir vilhelm around.
Guess i was lucky using guts greatsword i did a combo and killed him before he even touched me
****ing die miazaki.
dark souls 3 really is the worst of the series because of garbage like this.
what happen to memerable, FUN bosses like Orinstien and Smough? instead we get dumb ******* like this. unlimited heals, massive phantom reach, bs damage and pathetically easy to read movements
i ****ing hate with this **** has done with the series, after the 'meh' of 2 and the "welp, its the last, so **** YOU fan" of 3, go back to your garbage mech games miazaki. and die a poor, unpopular ******* that ruined a great game series and then abandoned it
Butthurt LoL
Lol as a souls veteran I claim the 3rd entry is the best and hardest of the 3
or just push him off a cliff for an easy dub
Git gud
it's not even a boss lol
I find it a little unfair that I literally cannot kill him. I can dodge him, parry him, but he is literally outhealing 100% of any damage I do to him, even if I backstab him when he heals.
I am hitting for 97 on a one handed R1 with a Greatsword and 219 on a backstab.
He can literally kill me in 3R1s, and one shot me with one hit guard break to riposte, and I can't kill him at all.



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what level are you
I was like lvl 40 with a +6 weapon. I got the shards from the Corvian Rapier Knights, which weren't that hard because they couldn't heal.
I made it to the DLC with a +3 weapon. So yeah I was way underleveled, didn't know it was the DLC area at first.
You should be doing way more damage/higher level. Come back later.
just push him off the clif outside of the building
I killed him very early game, you dont need miracles, just lure him outside and 2 hand a shield and nudge him off the edge
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This guy spams Great Heal, Constantly Roll Spamming and is a Simp for a Girl with a Rot Fetish


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He can only cast Great Heal 3 times at most with the amount of MP he has.
If you're a caster class he'll use Vow of silence and he'll run out of MP after second heal.
Either way, I'd hardly call that spamming.
if you google "friede simp ds3" this comes up as the first result
Holy heck it really works.
Fun Fact: With the right timing, Boulder Heave can stunlock Vilhelm indefinitely