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Crystal Magic Weapon > Darkmoon Blade
The only difference between the two are what stat they scale with. They both have the same modifier of 95% of Spell Buff to calculate Damage. Yorshka's Chime, at 60 Faith, has 247 Spell Buff. Court Sorcerer's Staff, at 60 Intelligence, has 240 Spell Buff, because From Balance. Therefore, DMB is better than CMW, not because the spell is better, but rather because Faith Builds have better scaling catalysts than Intelligence Builds.
It literally says in the wiki above that CMW is better than Lightning Blade or Darkmoon Blade lol.
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I just want to point out that if you use this buff on a scythe it will look like a tooth brush.
I just want to point down
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What would be the best weapon to use with this sorcery?
Fast weapons like daggers. 60 seconds of spamming R1.
Alternatively, you could apply it to a Raw Drakeblood Greatsword, which has innate magic damage and can be buffed.
Sellsword twinblades no question
is this buff useful?