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Would be nice if the wiki had pictures of what the different levels of CT look like in game menu.
There is pictures of the different levels on the world tendency wiki. I imagine it's the same.
For reference, I didn't do anything towards black tendency in this playthrough. I believe I killed one invading player and 3 of the world black phantoms (rydell, miralda & satsuki). I'm at pure white now and just got the ring, so I believe it takes 4 black phantom kills from neutral.
I think invasions/invaders count for double. In my first playthrough I killed all 5 BPs and successfully invaded once and ended up with 60% white. Second playthrough confirmed this, as I hit pure white after killing 2 BPs.
For anyone who is wondering it took me I believe 8 invasions to go from pure white CT to pure black CT.
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lets help each other change our character tendency faster
The link to Soulbrandt in the "What are the effects of Character Tendency in Demon's Souls?" does not work. There is a 'd' where is should not be.
Can you get WCT by helping other players defeat bosses?
Sadly no. But i noticed if you summon blue players and you defeat the boss in your world as host, you will shift towards WCT by a low %. I know this as I was using soulbrandt and can see the increase in attack. So try to summon blue before killing a boss.
Can you get invaded by a friend and kill them for pwct? I'm nearly there for the platinum trophie! I need the friends ring.
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I need this too. You can add me.
PSN ID : alicefyou
they should have made it so helping witb a boss increases white ct since its the opposote of invasions
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