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B scaling my *** this thing has more AR then a blessed lothric knight straight sword with an S scaling in faith. AND it can be buffed.
Idk if this weapon got buffed since this post but it currently has D scaling in both str and dex un upgraded
in Chase's video about this weapon 3 years ago it has C and C in STR and DEX at +5. I think that it's the wiki who's wrong if you say it has D and not E.
Chase's video 3 years ago with C & C +5 is outdated. It got nerfed a while after that video, so right now it's E & E un-upgraded, and D & D when +5

still a decent weapon but isn't the monster it was in Chase's video
best sword in ds2
Is this weapon considered a "special" weapon?
It uses twink for upgrades so yes
uses twinks, upgrades to +5, can't be infused, but can be buffed.
I looked for this sword since it had a scale in faith, but mine has no scale in faith -.-
then you should update to latest version. You must have played offline a lot.
This might be the best weapon for faith builds; unfortunately faith builds aren't as OP in DS3.
Faith builds are good at high SL around 160 they start to be scary especially invasions and co-op, they can heal and buff allies, something pyromancies can't do. Also poise casting poggers.
Definitely feeling the discrepancy after returning to DS3 after finishing Remastered. Faith isn't bad though, it just can't be played like a traditional caster for most of NG. Faith's higher FP costs are partially offset by being able to carry more Ash Estus and Dorhys Gnawing is a fairly efficient ranged damage dealer during the midgame. Faith is really built for melee though. In addition to poisecasting lightning spells, faith builds get buffable weapons that scale with their primary stat (Saint Bident, SSS, Crucifix) as well as three different elemental enchantments (not that I've ever had the patience to get DMB).
So much wrong in so few words, im impressed.
Says it has the strength of lightning, doesnt do lightning damage and cant be infused.
Oh dear.
That just means tumblebuff-ing for true cosplay.
You can buff it normally.
*lightning blade intensifies*
Primary use IMHO is PvE on pyro or faith build.. have chaos and dark weps on my pyro but have a faith scaling non split physical dmg WEP with thrust was a God send. Good against certain mobs/bosses... First thing I used twink *** on... JS
But the real question is does the r2 buff stack with Rose of Ariandel. slight testing seems to prove no, no it doesn't. (But you do get both aura's so still misleading)
they stack but only for the miracle increace
For anyone wondering, this weapon outclasses the Harald Curved Greatsword with a quality build and darkmoon blade. Even if it doesn't 3 bit true combo, it can probably deal more than 1200 dmg in 2 swings in PvP and is harder to dodge. If you're fully buffed with magic clutch ring, crown of dusk, sacred oath and power within, you will two hit most phantoms. Yes, this is a STRAIGHT sword not a UG Sword. I'll be running this on my high SL faith tank.
I highly doubt that any buff in this game allows 600 damage in a single straightsword hit.
Thats some *******. Why would you play harald quality? It gets more ar heavy infused at 66 str. On that this one is far behind on 60 faith. Resistances not even mentioned, have fun cheering on your tooltip numbers.
He doesnt even know that its weapon art is halved in pvp. 1200 in 2 swings, yeah sure, my anris with 30 luck and 60 faith darkmoon blade does more. Must be 1000 per hit, perhaps even more, forget it 5000 per swing i swear. My chaos dagger ripostes for 1500, beat that.
It does not stack with sacred oath omfg.