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So the bearer of his armor set vanishes to turn into a Fatalis itself one day? That's pretty damn sick...
And btw 1o1 the Dragon's Dogma - Dark Arisen plot.
Fatalis predates Dragons dogma, so its the other way around
i wonder if crimson and white fatalis will be added in the future
They will not. Fatalis is the final new monster to be added to MHW. Some AT variants may follow, but that's all.
Next minute, a white fatalis body slams Selina and astera


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Here are some tips and tricks for those who're still struggling against Fatalis. Some of those tips have already been mentioned by other players, but since such comments are scattered all across this page, I figured it'd be helpful to create a completely new post.

1. Start the battle with a Ghilli Mantle, Heavy Artillery Jewels (ideally inside said Ghillie Mantle) as well as bombs. Equip the mantle, place the bombs in front of Fatalis and then run up to the cannons, picking up some stones along the way. Make sure to hit Fatalis with all ten cannon balls. He will run towards you, triggering your bombs in the process.

2. Use your stones to bring Fatalis down to all fours by flinch-shotting his head. After that, pick up some additional ammo (either more stones or some dragon pods from softening) and wall-bang him. This will combine the damage of the first flinch shot with the damage of the wall-bang and it will enrage him quickly, triggering your Agitator.

3. Tenderize his head if you haven't already. Run up to the ballista and aim some shots at his head and/or chest. If you hit all cannon balls before, this should be enough to exceed the threshold and bring him down. Use this time to inflict significant damage to the head.

4. When healing, try to stay somewhat close to Fatalis. Do not allow him to interrupt your heal (or worse, to kill you) with a fire breath because you are too far away while also making sure that he cannot easily hit you with a tail slam/swipe or charge.

5. You can avoid most fire breath attacks by grappling to his head. Fireballs, on the other hand, will damage you.

6. More often than not, it will appear as if Fatalis is falling down. This, however, is an attack that will damage you and pin you down. Getting hit by that will usually get you killed without outside support.

7. Save your one-shot binders for phase 3 as he is the most dangerous in this phase. This is especially true if you did not manage to break his head at least once. Additionally, always completely empty the Minigun as it will not recharge otherwise.

8. In Phase 3, Fatalis will have a move where he starts breathing fire on one side of his body before performing a full 360 degree spin. Standing behind the front leg on the other side of his body will save you from this attack; otherwise, you can always grapple.

9. The stationary stones in this fight are a blessing and a curse. You can stand behind them to avoid this cone fire breath attacks, but be careful when fighting in front of them, as they will intercept fireballs and bring you into the explosion range. The latter also applies to walls.

Good luck!
So Raisera did a post eh?

Chameleos boys, brother
Should be noted that heavy artillery won’t affect both cannons if its in ghillie mantle—I’m not 100% sure it fully effects the first if at all, actually.
For number 6, you can save yourself if you throw 2 dragon pods while pinned down
I just got to Fatalis but stuck on the first part where you only solo him and he keeps one-shotting me.
Any tips.
You are under geared if he is one shooting you that early... elder armor, don’t max, augment and max, need to guiding lands first, tempered elders and farm great spirit gems. Bring ur cat, max the health tool, it becomes a second life, get food skill w insurance or moxie, it’s also a second life. Better have good fire resistance too, add some jewel if needed.
Thx is it okay if I friend you on PS4
I suggest getting gold rathian or silver rathalos. If that doesn't work, get ruiner nergi
Get silver rathalos set and max out its level, then he'll 3 shot you including the dust of life editable A-lister gives you
Swaxe mains, rise up! We have a reason to spam ZSD again! Barring jokes, though, I've found using rocksteady and spamming his head with ZSD does tons of work. So, if you also want to spam his head with ZSD, use:
Critical Boost
Weakness Exploit
Critical Eye
Rocksteady Mantle
Health regen augment isn't required, but highly recommended since he'll still do damage to you with some moves.
Agitator (Best time to spam ZSD is after a wall yeet, so your agitator activates and you get that sweet sweet damage boost)
No!health augment is a must for zsd spam. You will find yourself letting go if you mount and he charges( rock steady is on) w health augment, zsd is better than mega potion, you can keep blasting him, at full life, even triple fire ball can be tanked as long as armor is decent and health augment is healing you. Most important piece is flawless. It activates easily w the regen from life steal, that’s 20 percent more dmg. If you run part breaker, u have to go axe mode whenever it’s come breath or knock down, zsd part dmg is only good at last hit, the rest is maybe 10 to 30 percent only, axe has natural part breaker, maybe it’s 110
this fight is amazing :D
Love how he is a fire dragon and his weakness is fire and dragon and not water ice or thunder lol
Do you think fatalis is harder than arch Velkhana or the other way around personally I think fatalis is harder but I’m interested in you’re opinions
I think fatalis was harder
I struggled more with AT Velkhana than Fatalis.
At least Fatalis has a consistent moveset. A few attacks here and there that are a little... unfair but it's something you can deal with, besides he's the "god" of all monsters so fighting him is not supposed to be a walk in the park. My only complaint is the time limit, 30 minutes to kill the baddest motherf***er of all is quite the tight deadline, 50 minutes would make it a lot better. AT Velkhana on the other hand: ICE BEAMS, MORE ICE BEAMS, ICE EXPLOSIONS, ICE CHUNKS FALLING FROM THE SKY, ICEBERGS POPPING UP LEFT AND RIGHT, ICE AND ICE AND ICE, WE GOT ENOUGH ICE TO SINK ANOTHER GODDAMN TITANIC!!! IT CAN'T FIGHT FOR A SINGLE MINUTE WITHOUT SPAMMING ICE ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! AT Velkhana is straight up bull**** and there's no fixing it and the fact that it hits as hard as Fatalis is a joke. I know that it's an AT monster but it's a little bit too much. And if it wasn't enough, the 30 minutes deadline is back and it's even worse here as Velkhana won't sit still and will fly away to another area because **** you. Managed to beat it three times but didn't have the same fun as I had fighting Fatalis, I just crafted the Layered armors and walked away, Velks can shove its Gamma Set up its butt. Fatty boss battle is much more engaging, he hits hard, he's fast as hell but at least he's not spamming area attacks all over the place like a little b****. And even when I screw up I don't get mad at all, most of the times I get carted is because of my greed, I think that I can land one more hit but Fatty says nope and beats me up.
AT Velkhana harder imo, the size of fatalis and the tools that u get make it easy to kill him. But velkhana, way too many moves, tiny object, and there's many 1 hit skills.


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AT velkh was easy asf compared to him. Her moves are so obvious.
I haven't fought the AT velkhana but Im guessing she is harder then fatty
Anyone know what level of wind pressure you need to negate the flinch when he starts readying the huge flame?
Uhhh in my opinion just use full ranks of wind resist just to be safe since I never tested it myself and I don't think I can fit it in any of my builds just yet. But I get your pain, idk if your in pain or not but I know how it feels like when Fatalis is about to do a big flame and you get knocked back or flinched by the wind pressure and resulting in immediate death. Well except if you break both of his horns already because if you have full health you can survive getting hit by Fatalis's big flame but only if you break both horns
If you’re expecting him to flame, it’s better to use evasion window or rocksteady mantle instead of wasting slots/armor on wind resist. I suggest evasion window 3-5, but it’s Your call.
I'm just using silver rathalos set, it may take a while to farm, but it's wind resistance is good
I finally did it after like 3 days I finally solo killed fatalis. I have truly proven myself as a hunter. Now, I finally get to farm that sweet,sweet armor. Feels good man. Much better fight than alatreon.
congrats dude what's your time? Also what weapon did you use but anyways great job! Also just a question you "soloed" Fatalis right? That means you have beaten him before in multiplayer right?
Nope my first kill was by myself its what I do with a majority of the monsters and i think it was somewhere around 24-26 minutes with a longsword.
Bro, the special assignment only goes for 20 minutes
no, it goes for 30 minutes bro not 20
"Bro, the special assignment only goes for 20 minutes"
Special assignment and Event quests are both 30 minutes.