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Can you imagine if that stupid achievement from Dark Souls 3 where you need to get all rings was in the second?
I almost got shocked when I read how to get this ring. I haven't played DS2 yet but I've heard about illusory rings and wanted to know what they do. Thanks for sparing me a heart attack.
after 300 hours and 11 pages of notes i get all the way to the end only to die to the giant lord
git gud
I feel like with my hours I could get this if I didn't always compulsively start optional fights and take unnecessary loot on cliff edges
Can you use the darksign and still get the ring?
Good question! I'd recommend going offline, check the monument thing, then using the darksign and checking it again.
can confirm you can only get one ring per character. just finished back to back no death runs and did not get an additional ring.
What's a good build for getting this? I'm guessing strength for the early game to abuse blunt dmg, then respec into a hexer when enemies start to get tough and ganky?