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The easyest attack to parry is the combo they start when you a are keeping some distance, believe it or not. Just try it. This things were scary as ***** the first time around, payback time. (ripost animation is a ballsack stab)
You can easily kill the first one guarding the gates to the Road of Sacrifices by making him fall to the pit of the elevator. I accidentally did this hoping I could retreat by going back to the tower.
The first one before the forest died the moment i walked out the doors, i had my back turned then i heard the death howl and got its sword and souls....XD
medium shield, cast magic shield, use dark hand, easy
For first one, I ran past it, pulled out a bow and cheesed it by standing next to bonfire. It does not come out.
A decent tactic for these is to kill them
Protip: To kill a Tyrant, shoot at it until it dies.
@jun anon True, but the bastard can take a beating, particularly that one in the DLC...
Holy **** it worked.
Swing at it until it stops moving
These guys are the bane of my existence.
These damn things are harder than half of the bosses in the game
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