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roll catch, roll catch, roll catch, DEAD, f*ck you ~fromsoft
****ing Exactly.
Nameless King must have personally trained these guys.
One of these dbags just dropped a claymore. Weird, yes?
Pontiff Knights can't drop claymores, that was most likely a drop from one of the claymore-wielding slaves in the earlier part of Irithyll
The Iron Flesh Spell works wonders here. Their attacks just bounce off witout causing stagger while reducing the damage at the same time. Has super low requirements too but only lasts for a single fight. Just have a couple ashen flasks to refill your FP every two knights and heal the little damage you receive in between fights with the priest chime. I'm a sword and board dex build and can beat them easily this way without cheese or having to practice my parry game.
So, those guys are either really painfull (and estus consuming) or really easy. Depends if you manage to stagger them or not, if you do they're gonna be dead in a second or two. If not, well, say good bye to your estus
depending on my computer status, they are either trivial, or (sadly too often), when fps drop between 5 and 20, preventing any timing, very frustrating

with no lag, rolling into their special attack, or interrupting their attack with a faster/longer weapon, or kicking the shield ones is really easy
They are squishy but dangerous. With just 1 combo, one of them managed to get down to 1/3 HP and I have 60VIT with RoF +3 equipped. They'll go down with just 2 swings from any straight sword if you running quality build.
they seem to be much weaker to dark than fire
Nope, they weak to fire. I bet you used Black Flame..
If you not good at parrying, dont bother putting your shield up, their attacks mostly deal magic damage. Just roll and use straight sword. They're squishy but can kill you with just 1 combo regardless your armor absorption. 2 swing from the Lothric SS or Sunlight SS more than enuff to put this *****es down.
I hate these *******s. They prance around like a bunch of Tolkein elves turned into white walkers, as seen through the lens of a K-pop boy band. And by God can they shred you to pieces.
I like these enemies but it's bad game design to give them nearly infinite stamina. too many enemies like this with broken mechanics that require specific load outs. It's not skill based. Dark souls is not supposed to be a loot game where you win fights by winning a gear check. It's supposed to be a long series of skill checks.
I just ran through this area and I got invaded. I wanted to light the church bonfire so I sprint as fast as possible to it. Running passed waves of enemies in Ng+ then one of these ****ers 7-9 hit combos me off screen in the back. I was ready to heal but the ******* invader just followed me and was able to last shot. In short fuuuuuuuuck pontiff knights.
A glaring example of why DS3 is the inferior game to DS1, despite it's "superior" combat. Reason is most mobs exist in a different universe from the player when it comes to combat. Infinite combos, stamina, and POISE (you have it, they don't). It never feels fair, which was the staple of Souls games, specially DS1.
I don't get your point.
Well said!