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I've been avoiding using Gunlances as much as possible. However, they've been starting to grow on me and I'd like to try them out. I'm curious: When choosing a Gunlance, what is the most important stat? Raw dmg, elemental/status effect, or shelling type?
Artillery and Magazine jewel thats it, the rest is up to you to build it as offensive/defensive/utility. also Shell demage didnt affected by attack stats or crits. use normal/wide type for full combo playstyle and go long type for poke-shot playstyle.
Noob here, considering switching to this as my main is getting boring... what are considered the meta GLs and gems? TIA
depend on your gunlance type Normal . long .wide but the most important is magazine Increase shelling bullet evade extender , guard , guard up, focus (Charger) for long type, artileery these are important
GL can be played in many styles. Long Lv6 (Best range) paired with artillery Lv5 (3 Zorah pieces to get artillery to lv5 or 4 Raging Brachydios pieces if you're on console) + focus Lv3 + magazine for charged rapid fire action Guard Lv5 + Guard Up you'll be able to tank most attacks without even budging. Evade extender for hopping around with your weapon out and to get closer to your target Quick sheath is optional but useful for chasing faster targets. Shelling damage isn't reduced until you reach yellow sharpness Don't forget to shove your Wyrmstake Blast first. Go Normal shelling if you like to slap and burst Wide gets the least ammo but can hit hard. Pick up a meal with Bombardier for extra shelling damage.



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Dunno why you so about shelling if one statement says "it can be played in many styles". While the most natural isn't shelling. It's making use of the lance...of the Gun LANCE. Poke Poke, swipe, overhead swipe. That stuff. Shells can be incorporated in your combos any time, as is wyvernblast or the stake. In Combination with the blast you increase your damage output up to 100%. Guard up and block+5 is highly adviced. No "hopping", no constant reloading. Just the most natural, fluid playstyle the gunlance can offer. Pokes and swipes with shells and stakes as finisher.
As of IB DLC, the Y+B (or Triangle+Circle) attack can be deflected when used against the, to keep somewhat spoiler free, 'Xeno 2.0' that appears near the end, during the first phase. Unsure if it can be deflected off of anything else; Had white sharpness R10 Guild Water-GL at the time.
Does slinger capacity affect Wyrmstake Blast?
Slinger Capacity only affects the duration of how long a Wyrmstake Cannon stays in a monster. It's a significant boost.
I've heard from quite a few sources that Shelling is affected by the Stamina Thief skill (Drain Jewels and such). Is this true? I've yet to test it myself.
Stamina thief only affects blunt damage type when hitting monster at any part that isn't a head. Hammer deal more stun, Hunting horn more stamina dmg
when was gunlance added to monster hunter?
Wide shelling does not increase the damage of Wyrmstake. Wyrmstake's damage scales with shell level and weapon damage on the repeated hits, and deals a flat raw damage based on shell level on the final hit. Since the highest shelling level is on Normal gunlances, those will deal the most damage with Wyrmstake.

Wyvernstake Blast is a weird one. The initial injection scales with weapon damage, but the detonate damage has weird interactions with the shelling types and different kind of firing. For example, a Wide Lv4's shelling deals 43 damage on its own, and detonates Wyvernstake for 22, while the shells from its full burst deal only 39 each. but detonate Wyvernstake for 36 damage.

By comparison, a Normal lv4 shell deals 22 and detonates for 12, while its full burst shells each deal 26 damage and detonate it for 20 each.

Looking at charge shots, Long Lv4 deals 73 but only detonates WSB for 54, while Wide4 deals 59 and detonates for /66/.

Wide4 actually detonates for the same damage with its normal shells and charged ones as Normal Lv5 does (22/66), but this doesn't scale directly. Wide5 detonates for more than Norm6 -- 32/96 for normal/charged shelling, vs Norm6's 26/78.

The move is an absolute headache to calculate.