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the **** spear guys are the absolute worst. just spam after spam after spam from these guys
seems like you need some POISE
I usually kill them with a stance r1 followed by a riposte and a few r2 when they try to get up
I, too, have been stunlocked to death by repeated shield bashes. I wish poise actually worked in this game.
i wish you could see the stats of the enemys so you could mimic them
with red eye in Lothric Castle he will drop lightning gem
My first character got the lothric straight sword after 3 rounds of farming. Second character rolls around. Been 30 runs boys. I have 4 full sets of armour but no sword...



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Pfft. The Harald Legion Leggings are something I often farm for and normally get after only a few runs from Ringed City Streets bonfire to Shira's most recent character had to farm for nearly 2 hrs to get em with a discovery rate of 472. I couldn't believe it.



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At first they're you're enemy, then they become your dance partner, as you both spin around each other with raised shields, fishing for backstabs and openings.
Ain't nobody got time for dancing *blasts them with magic*
Ain't nobody got time for dancing *flattens with ultra greatsword*
The one near the Sunlight altar just dropped me a lightning gem
Because your near the sunlight alter what do you expecet
Most badass enemies


Battle Tested

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Cathedral knights would like to have a word with you.
Cathedral Knights, Black Knights, Ringed Knights, Haralds, Havel Knights, Darkwraiths.. I do like the Lothric Knights but they have some real tough competition.
Okay, but what are the drop rates/chances of dropping items? This wiki is terrible about being informative.
Some notes about the spear-wielding versions of these guys... Spear hitbox comes out very early so parrying them is ***. Siderolling doesn't work very well because of the nonexistent recovery, they can just shieldbash you during recovery. If they walk up on you when you're at a wall it's actually possible for you to get clipped inside of them, which is very bad because they will continuously shieldbash you and your attacks will whiff them. Drop rate on long spear is really high. I got three of them in 40 minutes off the one by Emma.


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I wish you could get the blue Lothric Knight set, I just think it would look neat
Would have been nice if they were part of the loot, maybe name them Elite Lothric Knight set.