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I only have the helmet to get and for some reason the code for the cabinet is not being accepted. I have retrievrd the code from behind the painting ....help !
lucky you, i cant even get the pants.....
I’m in the same boat. It just keeps petrifying me.
nothing happens in nameless isle when i put rune in mouth of dragon except i have to fight some undead lizzards — but it doesnt give me a piece of armor, nor is there anyone to talk to (spirit or non spirit)
open the dragons mouth again after putting the flame and fighting the lizards
Use soul mate and down healing potions which kills the Devourer who is dead. It took about 8 giant potions but he was defeated.!
For me it's hurting him, but then healing him as well. I might do 200 dmg afterwards if I'm lucky.
i got the piece in the lizard consulatae first and interacted with the objects at x:185 y:414, and then afterwords got the helm at kemms vault, and now i cant get to the arena — do i have to go back?
it is really easy if u just use restoration scrolls on it
like it took 5 scrolls to get him from full hp (i got rid of his armor beforehand) to 0


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In case you're as confused as I am about what happens with the devourer's armor in terms of it leveling or how the set bonus works, it only leveled to 20 for me after I defeated the Devourer and after I told the Dreamer I wished to leave the dreamscape (in DE version). However, after doing that, I noticed after my equipped level 18 breastplate "The Devourer's heart" which had 3 equipped runes on it, disappeared all the runes after it was upgraded. Let that be a warning to anyone who is currently used it on a STR character that you can and should remove the runes before you talk to the Dreamer and level the dreamscape area. Also I resisted and successfully passed the check on all of the visions but was still hit with 3 shackles of pain on my character. Not sure what I missed in that regard.
"Head to the Toymaker's shop at X: 274, Y: 297 and inspect the statues on the table to the left."

What is this referring to? I don't see anything like this in the toymaker's shop.
There's a workbench in the corner of the room, the statue should be at the workbench
If you dont have the helmet. You cant see the spirits in the toymaker shop.
I didn't get the claws in fort joy, is the quest is dead for me?
Of course...
You can still do the quest and get the other 4 items, but you cant complete the powerful set effect. So you can use a mod to get the claws back, then you can safely disable the mod and still keep the claws
if you have the game on steam there is a workshop mod you can get that can give you the item you are missing. i also missed the gauntlets but i've been able to continue with this mod. Its called the relics of rivellon - standalone (created by Futeko)
I play on the xbox 1 version, and there is no drag and drop option for placing the flame rune. I’m trying to put in a large flame rune into the dragons mouth and I can’t do anything... what am I doing wrong?
Hold it in your hand from your inventory open the dragons head and place it in