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I’m honestly surprised that the black phantoms only appear in ng+ because the first Dark Souls is not user friendly compared to the later titles but this certainly is. They can only be present as long as the gravelord is active too which makes it even more confusing. In NG I have no interest or incentive to invade a gravelord as dying to them in their world will reset the enemies and send me back to the bonfire in mine but if I had to deal with those black phantoms I’d be far more motivated to challenge the gravelord to bring my world back to normal as I play dark souls for the adventure and enjoyment more than the difficulty. Very disappointing
killing them might give u a lot of souls
Tf i didn't killed nito but the coffin don't allow me to go to nito's room
I believe you have to be hollow.
You need an eye of death in your inventory
As anon2 said, you need an eye of death in your inventory. There are three eyes of death that you can pick up, just beyond the titanite demon
Nitos bonfire can be warped to but it only spawns after killing him therefore removing the ability to use it for the covenant. Why make this one warpable and not others in the game that serve a purpose? As for the other lords, you can warp to four kings bonfire to reach kaathe quickly and seaths bonfire for twinkling titanite and purging stone farming. Head scratcher for sure
They could have added so many things in this Covenant that would of made it worth wile. Like a nito chime that screams when ever you use grave lord sword dance like the scream that comes out when he does it. They sould have added a 3rd grave lord sword dance that would be one giant sword coming out of the ground like nitos and clearly sould have added grave lord armor. And how about a special moveset for being a fully lvl grave lord like the grave lord sword glow like nito does it as the L2 (im on console) or stick it in to the ground and does the spell i said earlier like they could have done countless things with this Covenant they could have made it rank up to lvl 10 with this idea and im not even done let alone with just this Covenant i have thoughts on the darkwraith Covenant too. Sorry im just mad.
I remember someone saying that the gravelord covenant didn’t work in the original game. What was it exactly that didn’t work? I’ve only played the remastered edition
It was just really buggy, and the black phantom thing never worked. The whole thing could be see as an experiment for pvp, that was never implemented again thanks to its buggy and confusing nature.
I really wish they made nito optional cuz the covenant is pretty fun and mainly cuz I found a really funny spot to troll people
Ravelord servants


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If the eyes of death won't work in an area, will the game still let you consume them?