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Inside the tower, just before the lift, if you look over the edges you can see items on both sides...

The one item on the right (when facing the lift) is IMPOSSIBLE to get... at least for me. I've successfully landed on the coffin, only to slowly slide backward and fall off it...
It's just Fire Keeper's Armor set, and it's not worth the pain IMHO. The only way I could find to get it was to use the super thrust attack of a spear towards that direction standing as close as possible to the edge near it. I fell to my death many many times before getting lucky. Wast of time for me since I like to play with heavier armor. It has some resistances though if you are into light armor with that.
By that I meant, on the LEFT side, when facing the lift... right when facing AWAY from it.
This video shows a good place to stand and jump off of to get it. There's also an estus ring down there


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RIGHT when you enter the shrine from the main entrance there are two staircases going up to a third story in the building. If you're entering shrine from outside its the right staircase. If you're leaving the shrine is the left staircase.
I had the same encounter and I couldn't find him afterwards
There's an Estus ring u0 here too. Jump down the top walkway onot stones

, also some fire keeper clothes
isnt 20000 souls a bit much for a single key?
no it is super worth it
welcome to dark souls
I had the Silvercat Ring equiped and i took the elevater up when i came down again with the Soul there was a guy who closed the door to the brige and had a nice little dialog where he said something with "kitten" in it can someone tell me more of that guy ? (sry for bad englisch)
It's patches, he becomes a merchant in firelink after you talk to him near the top exit of the shrine
theres is a guy who closed the tower door , i felt down and died and went back but he is no longer there , who the hell is that guy? .. i want to kill him so badly
It's patches, you can find him in firelink shrine near the top exit.
It is just "trusty" patches. He gets these, Urges to do impulsive things, you know after running the shop for so long
Iv'e killed her like 15 times and went to buy the key for the crows but to my surprise it is now 100k. That must be what she's referring to when you talk to her after you killed her. What a nasty trick.


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All of her wares increase by 20% everytime you kill her.

You kind of deserve it for murdering her...
I mean, wouldn't you charge someone extra if they murdered you?
You are the nasty one here.
He could've just used the tree jump to get to the crows anyway.
just bought this key, but the door isn't opening? just says 'door opens from other side'.
You're probably on the wrong side, by where that fast enemy was. Walk into the shrine and go up the stairs to the right, they lead back outside and the tower is that way.
Where is the Crystal Lizard?
Get onto roof where picklepee is and go straight back towards the tower
Be wary of that tower with the dead fire keeper. Jumped down to the next ledge below, the camera got screwed up, fell off, and died. Souls appeared on the ledge and when I tried getting back on it, my character nicked the ledge and died, losing 16k souls.