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Lets be honest here. If your here reading this you obviously lack the skill to beat him. All these sub optimal players seriously piss me off with their constant whining. If your not meta dont even bother scrub. If you are meta and still fail I suggest gitting gud or stop playing. It's not fair to the good players your *** cant handle it.
See this people? Don't be like this. This type of behavior doesn't help anyone.
the fact you put this comment on here - brings up the question of whether or not you've been carried the entire quest - This site probably has boosted the morale of countless hunters new to the ever growing franchise that is monster hunter....so do everyone a favour, shove your opinion right up your ***.

{This comment was made by someone who has been playing monster hunter since the monster hunter 2//Freedom series days}
Hey look we have a badass over here.

I've never chased meta, and I beat it just fine. I've helped an MR 59 beat it, and they were overjoyed. I've seen MR 999 people still get one-shot, and that's after they've farmed for his gear.

Don't sperg just because you had bad luck teaming with randos.
I was waiting for this sort of comment

"fatalis is easy, youre just bad"
So, I've soloed Fatalis, but here I am. Guess I'm the kind of sub-optimal player who lacks the skill.
I'm gonna do you one better, why don't you just piss off with your **** shoved into your ****in arse, and go jerk yourself off 10 thousand times, until you're limping with your balls on the ground?
Found the guy who leaves the quest after 1 faint
Why do you want to even make a comment to stop playing the game because their not as good as you. Also, why are YOU here if only players who can’t beat fatalis go here...just try to be less mean and get OUT OF THE MONSTER HUNTER COMMUNITY!!!!
If Im gonna be honest, this site is helpful. I personally didnt use it but still look at it from time to time. Ive killed him about 5 times 1 solo 3 squad and 1 duo all with randoms. If you come here to whine then you are invited to git gud.
found the 14 year old
Yeah, let's be honest here:
If you are posting this **** here it's because you must be one of those fake-depressed kiddos in a constant search of attentions who want to show to the world how badass thinks to be.
Truth is youreceived and will just recive tons of ****, 'cause this game is not meant to be competitive against the community but WITH the community.
This game is meant to make new frendships and not to ruin it.
This game is made to help and be helped.
It's okay to being competitive, but it's not to be toxic like you.
So know your role and shut your mouth.
So you said if your reading this you obviously lack the skill, yet, your here.
Also your that one crackhead manbaby who lives in his mother's basment whining when he don't get his lollypop
I already got the handle of Fatalis after countless of tries (76 gourmet voucher consumes: 76 fights) and got all of his equipment. The only problem is I'm running short on level 4 jewels/decorations. And I need more to make more Fatalis sets, So I plan to fight temperd investigations to get more sealed feystones and the 2 event quest which I forgot the name to but you fight A temperd Teostra and the other quest a temperd Lunastra in the same locale but seperate quests. Now all I want to do is fight Alatreon again since I have only defeated him twice (special assignment and nerfed Alatreon).
actually use raging brachy armor high defense agitator and heavy artillery for cannons
so fatails has been living in a castle all these years?
They return to castle shrade every so often according to their lore. During other times no one knows where fatalis disappears to.



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Could be another Fatalis. Probably the transformed hero we see on the Palicos back/Palico Fatalis weapon.
Yes one fatalis made the destroyed castle its home. However Black fatalis is considered to be the "young" fatalis with white fatalis being the older version. There is also crimson fatalis but idk how he fits in there.
The white fatalis is the boss of elders, basically he order and move the other fatalis and apocaliptic tier monsters like miralis or alatreon, crimson is just a black fatalis enraged who survived to a hero fight. There are theories that the fatalis we fight in iceborne is the transformed version of the hunter in MH1.
GS breaks his head pretty quick, bait him to use cones to hit his head. Assassin's Hood saved my butt many times for the uptime, slots and extra speed
Titles for 10 and 15 kills are “Fatal” and “Dragon Killer”. Still working on getting more kills to find out the rest.
I heard from my friend that Defense boost on Fatalis armor is useless. So I got rid of my defense charm for master charm level 5, and I think he was right. I mean it doesn't change a thing if you have 1.1 k defense, 1.2, 1.3, or even 1500 your still gonna get the same amount of damage as before. And since then my armor never looked more fantastic. I have critical eye level 7, agitator level 7, divine blessing level 5, tool specialist level max level, stun resis level 3, recovery up max level, crit boost max/level 3, weakness exploit max/ also level 3, evade window which is the only skill that is not max but I got it to level 3, and lastly fortify and airborne max level (level 1). Why I choose Airborne u ask? Well it's because I'm an insect glaive user duh.
I have similar build, switch axe user, except I fit speed eating, wide range and high defense. No fortify
, airborne, recovery and evade.Defense is noticeable.I’ve reached 1250, I can take a bite or scratch and just use health steal to heal up, back when I was under geared w 950 or so defense, it’s maybe 40 percent or more than half w each melee.fire resistance is better, avoid one shot breath( not blue flame). 1500 is rock steady defense or somthing, doubt you can reach that( if you can, you sacrifice too much crit and attack to make time limit). I run four fatalis beta w alateron beta legs. Legs has 2 four slot and one level two slot. Legs naturally gives 3 defense, one hard will push it to 6. Plus elem meal L and good defense items, I can survive explosion breath. I also zsd spam, main point of defense is to force spam to work w rock steady mantle. Three charge in a row won’t kill my character.
While I technically agree with defense boost not being mandatory to win, I would not call it useless. It does decrease the damage you take and thus makes it easier to recover from hits quickly and/or reduces the threshold from which Fatalis can one-shot you. So if you struggle with evading his attacks and suffer a lot of hits, additional defense might actually save you. Also, Airborne isn't really that useful on IG since mounting is technically a DPS loss, as are aerial attacks.
What monster do I have to kill to get activate the quest? and if it's Alatreon then how do I activate that quest?
Ah I see you want to challenge the Black Dragon himself? Fear not hunter as you will not wait more longer (kinda). Firstly you must obtain master rank 24 by defeating Shara Ishvalda aka the final big boss of the main story of Iceborne. Then you must speak with the field team leader in Seliana. you know when you see a purple exclamation mark on top of his head. Then he will say that a new Alatreon has been spotted so you must slay the Alatreon. Note that you need to spot/discover Alatreon in the special assignment "Blazing Black Twilight. Also note that you don't need to defeat the Special assignment Alatreon you just need to see or spot him. Then after that you will receive a quest called "Dawn triumphs" Where you need to defeat a weaker Alatreon thankfully. After you defeated the "Dawn Triumphs Alatreon then you must speak with the excitable A-lister that is waiting for you in the Seliana main area. He then will tell you something about the guild needing help with something. After u talk with the Excitable A-lister you will finally get to fight Fatalis. So square up Hunter, this is the may be the end of your journey in Iceborne, but the start of a new adventure
OMG sorry I forgot to add something hunter. After you finished the special assignment quest of Fatalis "The Black Dragon" you will unlock the event quest "Fade to Black" and it is only there for a limited time so be quick on your toes. note that you have less faints in the event quest then the special assignment one. "The Black Dragon" quest you will be provided with 5 Faints while the event quest you will get your standard 3 faints.
Fade to black is a permanent event like alatreon. If you look in the event schedule it has no expiration date
Before you fight the Stygian zinogre and alatreon, you must complete sterling pride. Ps you do not need to complete reveal thy self, destroyer
Poster from a few days ago—Titles for getting X number of kills are as follows:

10 Fatal
15 Dragon Killer
20 Dragon’s Bane
30 Ruined Dragon

Gotta say, 30 wasn’t worth it lol. 15 and 20 sound way better. But oh well, I now have all the gear and extra.
hunter. ''I have 5 billion defense armor.''
Fatalis. ''you are already dead''
hunter. ''nani. *faints*
Game. ''quest failed''
*hunter destroys all of seliana because fatalis only had 1 health left when he failed*
would you destroy all of seliana if this happened replies and give me your answer
Stop, your cringe is gonna make me destroy Seliana
Too bad. Seliana is "already dead"