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Worst thing about the arena is that there are griefers who treat PVP like a fighting game EVO, exploiting every inch of the game mechanics to eke out a win. You're not wrong, but you're no better than the R1 spam cancer that plagued PVP at launch.
To everyone commenting about how bad this is, nobody asked you, the wiki is here for people to learn not be your personal rage ventilation system.
Nobody appointed you to defend it or to be the motd either, dumbass.
Even though the PvP in this game is kinda poo poo half the time I love having some fun with randoms and commiting seppuku and just having a genuine good time, people whine about "no rewards" but why should there be? Then people can just stand still and let you farm them for infinite rewards. If you complain about no rewards thats not really our problem. Hollow Arena is supposed to be for fun, not for being greedy. Anyway time to continue sucking *** at the game
people complain about it being rewardless? that's the beauty of it though...
Why is no one playing 2 vs 2 :(
I don't hate it becayse of having no rewards, but for being the same sht as always. When you do 1 vs 1, you find the typical nolife who either uses every exploit in the game to win and disconnects when losing. When you queue up with more ppl, you find the main reason you get in here instead of just invading, wich are those unbalanced ganks you wanted to avoid (it's even in some way because you have your own gank bur still...)

It would get more ppl into it if there was a good reason. Like an item to restore moonlight ds to it's prime and deal pure magic damage again.
Disconnecting on loss is a low fkin move, but true exploit abusers (bowcasters, Estus cancellers) are pretty few and far between. It's an endgame activity for when you've done everything else in the game, so it shouldn't need to give rewards
In my opinion it's good there are no rewards for the arena. People tryhard too much anyway, with rewards it could be hard to have any fun match. The badge is more than enough. Overall i like the arena. I just wish i could play some brawls or group fights, but nobody's ever in queue
Letting people earn covenant rewards seems like common sense. No idea why they didn't do that. Concords are cancer.
"There is no need for rewards here", "it's good enough without a reward"...

Listen, i have nothing against your point of view about the arena not needing a reward to be good, but it's as empty as gael's arena, so that defense is invalid. It's like saying that burger king doesn't need burgers to bring customers.

So it did need some sort of reward to keep ppl in. Wich never happened, and now it's too late.
arena is still very active at meta and sl 90 in my experience. brawls are dead as hell though but I doubt a reward would help that
A bunch of crybabies in here. Its Dark Souls.
Get over yourselves and just play the game.
Be thankful there is even an arena at all.
-"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"