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Not so funny when they give you the reverse uno card. Eh, gonkers?
offline safe strat: whips. The ai doesn't know how to defend against whips, and infusing an elemental attribute will help keep damage on the npc when they are camping behind their shield. It helps to bait a melee attack and hit them from a safe distance with whips.
Just best him on NG+ for 160,000 souls
Since this boss is super easy and can be fought offline, you can farm him for souls especially in later NGs. The cost to respawn this fight is ((current SL/2)*1000). So the higher your go, the easier it will be to farm souls and recoup the cost of reviving the boss.
ok so the only real reason why youd be farming souls these days is if you had a new character and you needed to hit meta sl, so by endgame of regular ng you're probably around sl80 and want to hit 140, thats about 4mil souls. initially it would cost 40k and would cost 70k at the end, so on average it costs 55k and gives you 25k per revive, 4mil divided by 25k is 160. presuming you could kill him every 5 minutes this would take you 800 minutes which is 13 hours and 20 minutes. now idk about you but im not spending an entire day killing halflight repeatedly
imagine being summoned with a lot of unbalanced tools to beat the **** out of a player who only want to complete the game and still doing the point down gesture or other form of bm after the player dies, like get a life bro
Imagine complaining about unbalance whenever a gank fails. And no, i'm not buying that some ppl don't summon because invasions like this prioritizes ganks, wich is every fkin time.
i mean some people dont, i personally refuse to summon phantoms even though i find ds3 much harder than the others since i would rather spend hours suffering than get carried
*Takes sweet time to come out of the floor*
When I did this boss the player who was summoned was AFK. Completed this first try because of that
I just got summoned as a Spear when trying to invade with the Red Eye Orb, I didn't know that was possible!
I didn't have the covenant equipped or anything, either.
(Was invading at the Inner Wall bonfire)
Thank you Gandalf for helping me
Yeah because you should have hyper armor with a katana while wearing a blouse