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Another tanky and faster than the speed of light monster and it isn't even a new monster it's just another subspecies. This game stopped being fun when Iceborne released
First MH I'm guessing?
this dude is definitely a first time monster hunter
First timer isn't really a good excuse for being the type of gamer who would likely still complain if Iceborne was free
Git gud, loser.
Frustration is just a sign of not the right equipment or lack of dedication to learn what you are doing wrong..
why are you guys mad about his/her opinion on a monster that is actually true
Because it isn't true you dumb*****.
it just got release on pc , i didint die once on him and make his armor in less than an hour . Its true that subspecies are lame and lazy***** but its better than nothing . Now waiting for the safi jiva and ill be done until next dlc .
It is a bit cheesy, but I soloed it np. Just gotta learn how to see it telegraph, and attack when the window opens up
>subspecies are lame and lazy Y'know if it was Pre-World/IB I'd sorta agree but seeing as 5th Gen did a massive overall for most Subs, and even Luna, that makes them drastically different from their normal versions makes me disagree. This is a silly statement lol
The very fact that they took the time to rework these things from the ground up, almost EVERY fight is MUCH better then what it used to be, imagen if we could fight Dalamadur or Gore Madala in World, jesus the increased power could make those fights even more epic then they were
I can relate to you.
It started off fun but now stuck on stygian zinogre.
Ended up deleting the game.

When frustration becomes more frequent than fun and joy then it's no longer a game, it becomes a job.
lol git gud nub
I'm sorry, but you should know this by now. Git gud.
Lance build made this guy absolute trivial. Also. The long sword from this guy is absolutely insane looking.
When you can't dodge 'em, block 'em.
Kinda looks like 'Bladewolf' in Metal Gear Rising
Eh I don't see it.
He does kinda look like him in his jawline
It was just the first beast I encountered in the ice area of the Guiding lands. I would have never guessed that this thing is special in any way... in fact it was the first armor of the GL I got completed alpha and betas from...and then making not any use of it cause I run on Gun Lance. Getting the 2 full Zinogre sets was much harder. On the other hand they have this Goku Sayajin monkey constantly smashing his *** in my face spending millions on his introductions video...dunno. Seems a bit imbalanced.
Saiko Kurasha!!!
M. Bison would definitely be proud
yes.. YESSS!!!
Most fun monster to fight imo, love his design and animations, best tempered tier 3 monster to fight too.
Do you specialize in speed, damage, or health? Stygian zinogre: Yeah
This thing is worse than Rajang
nothing is worse than Rajang.
How? This thing has periods where it stops for 5 seconds at a time. Rajang is an unstoppable freight train
You're literally the most incorrect person
Enlighten me.
I can barely get a proper fix on styg thing with a sns.
It becomes practically bullet proof after it's shining,
I killed Rajang I carted twice.
I try styg, died 20 times.
OK, am I missing anything, it says Weak to Thunder... but when I equipe Thunder Weaps it's Blue Outlined Damage which means it powers up the Dragon attack and Red Lightning it does.... then further on here in this Wiki, it says "Blast" Damage? what gives?
Blue outlined dmg means ur inflicted with dragonblight. Aka not dealing ele dmg. As for the resistance clarifications I believe it's heavily resistant to all elements unless it's in its charged mode. Being immune to all but electricity at one star until charged at which point it's a 3 star weakness. Normally on this wiki (Things in parenthesis) imply charges state or broken part. As for status ailments, yes it's naturally fairly weak to them, but they still have diminishing returns requiring more buildup per proc..