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Is there only one rusted amulet per fetid pool dungeon?
Yes. Although, multiple people get the amulet at one time. Meaning if you go to the fetid pools with 3 people, you can get 3 of the acid cleaned keys.
I searched the fitted dungeon one time for an hour the entire map of steps down steps looking for walls that can be broken and I didn't find the amulet so I'm pretty sure it doesn't spawn every time in the dungeon
I can tell you for a fact that is spawns ever time you just didnt look hard enough
I got the Rusted Amulet, then spent an hour trying to figure out how to get into any of the treasure rooms. I have to say until I read this post the idea of crouching in the acid pool to produce the key never crossed my mind. A rather obscure puzzle.
it says to let down your burdens in the description
I spent an hour walking around this place, when I was going to give up I found
I didn't there was 3 doors to get to the hero ring, and I was playing with 1 other person that ****ed me up lmao