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I hope the dev team received a mountain of negative feedback on this part. If I wanted to play a puzzle game, why did I buy an RPG? The doll encounter is atrocious, tedious, repetitive, and pointless. If I've reached this point, I want to finish the game, and which brilliant mastermind thought he was so brilliant to come up with this nonsense? A total waste of time. If you want to design a difficult encounter, stick with your original game mechanics. Don't turn to silly gimmicks. Don't add this part to another one of your games, Larian Studios.
The first time around I had a very frustrating time and spent an hour before giving up. The second time I used Chameleon cloak on Sebile (the best mover in my group) separated her from the group to focus solely on pulling the levers. I sent her down the left staircase where three of the five levers are. Managed to pull the first lever in the first turn, the second two in the next turn by adding AP through adrenaline and flesh sacrifice. Then on the next turn I used Phoenix flight to cross over to the right side, pulled one lever then the last. I ended up encountering about six moppets in all and avoided getting turned into a cow. Hope this helps.
Probably irrelevant for most playthroughs, but if you complete the Path of Blood you get permanent angel wings with the flight ability unlocked. Additionally, you also glow as though you were always blessed.
*Path of Blood as in the purity test, not simply completing it with the alternative route.
I got tired of the gimmicky s**t, and just had a character sneak around out of combat while the puppets were frozen in combat with my party.