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Need to farm these on Steam. Anyone who would like help my Steam ID is: 76561197989871519
Thanks for the help :D
idk man everyone seems to hate purple mad men. One time I tried to watch duel between host and invader but they forfeited their duel to gank me. Each pointed down on me with great joy
So they killed you like anyone kills anyone in pvp
If anyone wants to do this on PS let me know Rosco II
If someone can help me cheese this farming on PS, add me @TheEvolvedNerd
If only you could camouflage your purple sign by equipping the untrue white ring and then **** the host over at a convenient time or not if you so please.^^ I mean, as long as the lock-on function works every host is able to check if that one is legit or not. Maybe displaying the username a bit different compared to normal friendly phantoms to add another hint somethign is wrong would also do the trick.
if anyone wants to farm this my psn is kappalucky
Looking to farm these if anyone still around psn: Ryan_kboots
I need to farm these on Steam. If anyone would like to help my ID is 76561198135802607
i need to farm it too.