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people still think oroshi kirin is coming but i dont think so. we got fatalis instaed.
what does that have to do with alatreon?
I’ve tested this btw, you can wear a vitality mantle and survive his supernova while he is NOT weakened as long as you drink a mega potion and have close to max health
Yeah okay, sure buddy.
finally solo's the bastard and not the reddit mode one either Im talking ACTUAL alatreon. Damn I feel good I just wanted to share even though most won't find it impressive.
here is a cookie
Beating him solo is kinda impressive but beating him with a team of 4 and there is no communication is even more impressive.
he has a witch face if you look closely
how many hp does he has on duo?


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about 79k hp in duo
Why is he not called a black dragon D: Also are these the official monster hunter wikis
He is a black dragon, and no this is a fan project wiki.
Feel kinda bad for the guy. first got beaten up by Fatalis and retreated with only 30% of his health left, and in "Dawn Triumphs" we just come in and finish him off. btw can anybody confirm this is true? I heard that Alatreon was weak because Fatalis beat him up badly but can anyone clarify?
The game doesn't clarify what happened.
Love a supernova that you can't survive. What an amazing job the developers did
If you pass the damage check you would survive it. Also Safi has a supernova you can't survive (If you stagger him out of spawning the rocks)
Man, this guide is really laying out all the helpful tips and tricks right down to weapon match ups. I wish all of the pages were like this, but I guess it would be pretty demanding to emulate this for every minor monster fight.
so glad they didn't bring back skypiercer from 3 ultimate had to break both horns for a CHANCE TO GET IT AND YOU NEEDED IT TO MAKE EVERY ALATREON WEAPON OR ARMOR while skyswayer is better its not that much better you still need to break the horn like your going to get a chance to go for the head