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helping hosts with this thing is a nightmare when 6/10 there stupid and run towards its legs for the entire fight and get themselves killed
With a good party this is one of the most fun fights. But its easy to die to even the slightest miscalculation as a phantom
I start hating myself for wanting the old moonlight so much. I feel this is my punishment for saying that the Nameless King isn't that hard...
Hand it over. That thing, the best covenant.
died more to wolnir bs than midir
This is the hardest boss.
Holy ****, this wiki is so useless when it comes to boss strategies. They write SO MANY WORDS yet convey ZERO useful info. Just check the table here with Midir's moveset - "...This move can be avoided with relative ease". For ****'s sake, how about you ****ing DESCRIBE how it is to be avoided?! What's the point otherwise?

Maybe "playbook" is more helpful? Well, Let's see - "Be mindful of Midir's rear paws, teeth and tail. Midir is very good at using these to hurt you". NO ****ING WAY! Thanks, Jesus, I'm just gonna go ahead and BE MINDFUL of the ****ing dragon paws, teeth and tail. Thanks a lot.

Also lol at that "official" video "guide" where the guy gets hit by the fire during fly-over and says "I don't know how to avoid this, it's best if you're behind him but that's not always the case". Seriously? If you don't know, maybe then don't record a ****ing video guide until you've figured that out?

Anyway, here's what you need to know how to kill him in melee like an average Joe:

1. After you land, stand still, he will come to you and WON'T hit you. Use this time to apply your buffs if you need to. Right before he's done move/roll forward a bit and you will be right under his head. This is a good opening to deal some damage. From here on now try to stay in front of him so you can see his telegraphs clearly. Just don't be too close.

2. Two bites into fire breath - roll twice diagonally sideways FROM him and then (after 2nd bite) run TO him in a slight arc, you will avoid fire damage and end near his head - do 2-3 hits depending on how good you were at running.

3. Two slams into fire breath - roll twice from him for each hit, then run SIDEWAYS a bit to avoid fire, and then directly to him. Again, 2-3 hits depending on how soon you get to him.

4. 4/6-hit combo. This one can either end after 4 hits OR he will scream and do a couple more heavy strikes. Just roll directly away from him. IMHO, this is not that good of an opening, but still you can do some damage or reapply buffs.

5. Backstep into long-ass combo with fire breathing in between - roll sideways from him until he's far away from you, then run to him, BUT be wary of tail swipe in the end. Just don't rush, or roll for the swipe if you're close. I don't usually try to attack him after this. Apparently you can also by safe underneath him during this whole thing, but personally I'm just not that good to pull that off.

6. Charge - you can tell he's gonna charge when he's, you know, in a charging position. Like a lion before pounce. Don't delay your roll too much, it's VERY fast. Roll sideways. once is usually enough. Basically, you see he's gonna charge - you roll.

7. Fire into laser - you can tell that it's gonna be this move and not the other one by him standing on all fours, and his nose down. The fire will cover circular area in front of him getting bigger until switching into laser. You want to run sideways from the fire and then in a wide arc to him turning more and more to him as the fire fades, right to his head. You won't be hit by the laser if you're close. Good opening.

8. Fire breathe underneath - usually triggered if you're under him or too close. He'll stand on his back feet and breathe. Run diagonally away from him (at your 5 if you're looking at him ) a bit, and then get back to do some damage.

9. Scream (with some soundwaves FX) into bite - easiest opening, roll away from him when he bites, then get back for some free damage.

10. Fly-over with fire - run in a cross-like fashion diagonally through and INTO fire. For example, if you're looking at him and he's flying from your right to your left, then you RUN to your left and forward. You NEED to roll ONCE if you're caught in fire. Once you've crossed the line, turn around and run at him. Might squeeze a hit if you're close.

11. Single power slam - sometimes when you're in mid-range from him, he'll get up and slam you once. Just roll away a bit and then counter-attack.

12. Two swipes - roll away twice, delaying the second roll. Doesn't give you an opening iirc.

13. Transition into 2nd phase - you'll see purple-ish vibes from him during this charging attack. Run away a bit, but not too far.

14. Humanity barrage - humanity-like things will appear and in the same time he might start his long *** combo. Roll sideways and then in a wide circle from humanities when they start hitting and then roll some more from him if he's still mid-combo and you're close.

15. Big laser - hard to describe with words, but run at him in a straight line while laser is still charging and is moving in a straight line from him, but don't run directly at him of him (otherwise you'll get him by the laser, duh), just be a bit to the side. Keep running until laser's aftershock hits in this straight line, and then move to the center and keep running at him. But DON'T run to his legs, or you will be hit. Actually, just watch a video how to avoid this *******.

16. At 25% of his HP do a riposte. He will most likely survive it.

18. Don't be greedy now, you basically got this.

19. Praise the sun.

IN GENERAL, I think heavy weapons work better here. Since openings are so short, you won't be able to r1 full combo him with long sword anyway, so it's best to just smack him good once and retreat. Otherwise, 2 hits is what you can squeeze most of the time.

Also, all the best openings are after his fire breathing attacks, so if you nail those down, you'll be able to deal more damage quicker. His melee attack still DO give openings, but those are deceptively short - for example, after his 6-hit combo he looks like he's gonna be catching his breath for some time, but nope, he won't. On the other hand, if you manage to get close to him right after he's done breathing, you're in for some good combo.

Good luck.