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>If the player is always urging to do damage and cannot stomach the slow rate of progress in the fight, then it is best to remedy that, and not play until the player can be totally zen. This way eight or less Estus at +10 strength can be used.

So I didnt see anything about it but after I killed Lorian about 4 times I got 2 embers and 2 titanite chunks
For anyone struggling with the long range beam attack from Lorian, just roll to the side as soon as the sword hits the ground. Always works.
Stopping by in 2020 because I had a funny thought—what if Lothric is actually an angel incarnate?

We know plenty about Gertrude's role in the lore, and as stated above, the white feathers about the arena hint at some angelic influence; we also see that he uses a similar variety of white magic as the angels of the Dreg Heap.

Angels are not corporeal beings, and are mortally fettered to the larvae sprouting from the backs of the dead Pilgrims of Londor. However, notice that Lorian carries Lothric on his back, as if they were a single entity... In a way, their souls even resemble the wings of the angels.

It's also worth mentioning the angels' affiliation with the dark and with humanity, perhaps representing our own self will, unreliant on gods or monarchs. Naturally, this is regarded as heresy for how it might hinder the linking of the fire, as we see with Lothric himself.

Maybe it's not all that important, but what if this means that Lothric was the unexpected result of harnessing the royal family's dragon blood, which yielded not a dragon, but an angel? Both appear to be the enemies of the gods, representing independence from their decree...