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"Time to stand our ground and fight!" Says the b***h that never fought not even a goddamn Shepherd Hare in the whole f***ing game while the hunter is out there duking it out with the elder dragon that almost killed him and guess what? Because of her stupidity.

Seriously, the game tries to make The Handler important but of all the things she does, there's always someone who's better at it, making her completely useless. And before someone says that she can cook for you if you forgot to eat back at camp, you got yourself a handful of items to boost your stamina, defense, attack, HP, you name it. Worst case scenario, go back and eat, it's not that hard. And even when she tries to make a joke, she's goddamn cringe, Jesus Christ, everytime she tries to be funny, I swear that I want to pierce my eardrums. If only that Odogaron went for the kill... goddamn it, doggo! You had one job!
Best part of the game was when the Serious Handler filled in for her. As part of the final update (and a reward to the player for putting up with her so long) we should have gotten the Serious Handler back while ours went on to bother someone else or die alone.