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I just joined so I can kill aldrich faithfuls
Can you be summoned for Aldrich faithful? I thought it said only red eye orb, if so that’s pretty sick and I’m game
Does anyone wanna help me get this rewards ps4 gammer tag flare727
Someone wanna farm for the rewards? steam id 331017312
Im in ng+2. You stilll game?
There is a bug where if u are in ringed city you get summoned as spear of the church wearing dark blades covenant
It's not a bug. You can be randomly summoned as a spear, even without covenants on.
Guys I’m Gey
Thats pretty gey
you wrote that as anonymous, so you technically are still closet, for what it's worth
why are you gae?
thats gae bro
Wish it was like the old system. Having played this a bunch, I can tell you most hosts are stupid as ****. You could be 1v1 with the invader and winning and the host will run off, and then come back with the entire areas enemies chasing them and get you both killed. I want to hunt the guilty, not babysit the disabled.
That last phrase says everything wrong about summoning in this game
Trying to farm these somehow. Playing with this covenant for a while but it’s quiet out there. Anybody interested? PSN: choko_unltd100
Is really that dead on PS4? I'm playing bat SL80 with a +10 weapon and I'm having lot of activity on Xbox
There’s still a lot of action on the PS4, it’s just this covenant doesn’t see alot of action once you get high level. I did manage to get over 30 summons but it took a few days.