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Something is wrong here, I have all the Fertilizers without having completed "Say Cheese!" Optional quest
In case anyone else sees this and is having this issue, for whatever reason "Say Cheese!" doesn't have the optional quest icon, so it's really easy to miss. Just had this issue myself.
I completed the delivery quest to unlock Soft Soil, but when I go to harvest, the option is greyed out.
Soft Soil extends the length of other fertilizers. If you don't already have some type of fertilizer active, you can't use Soft Soil
I couldn't unlock 'Soft Soil' until after discovering Elder's Recess and returning back to Astera after completing the mission.
Theres a roaming NPC Named Sisterly Fourth in Astera who will give you the bounty for Choice Mushroom
Something's not right, I did Royal Relocation and unlocked most of those cultivation items, but I still can't do Exciteshrooms.