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I accidentally killed pilgrim when doing Yurias questline. I guess that can't be helped? I'll have to start game over if i want Yurias questline ending? Thanks for possible answers already.
Yeah Yuria's quest is toast, now. But, the bright side: you get to kill her and get her Dark Drift katana waaaay before the end game with no consequences, now. If you're running a dex build, that's pretty sweet.
I can't find Yuria. She is not one of the statues and not in de Darkmoon Tomb
I screwed bothe the questline of Yoel and Anri up somewhere in the catacombs. Did I miss a location Yuria could be at?
Yuria is found in firelink shrine after levelling up at Yoel of Londor 5 times and then getting the dialogue, you are now at ample strength, reloading the game will find Yoel dead and Yuria in the same room he was in.
She doesn't show up if you screwed up Yoel's questline (he dies before giving you all five "free" levels if you enter the Catacombs).
Where is this darkmoon tomb??
Anor Londo bonfire. Take the giant mechanism down, then climb down the stairs and straight ahead inside is a statue of Gwyn. Attack it.
ok probably a silly question but does killing her count as sin?
Sins don't work that way in this game. Sinning is just making someone hostile WITHOUT killing them. You pay off sins to make them stop attacking you so you can resume normal play.
what if i kill the pilgrim while in the church of anor londo? she dropped the sword and yuria doesn't seem mad with me.
She does anyway after the “wedding” with Anri so it does not matter but Anri and Yuria get mad if you killed the pilgrim back in irythyll
In my playthrough the pilgrim left the church and he was not in the tomb until I went back to continue Anri's quest. Once Anri reaches the church, the pilgrim's corpse will appear in the tomb.
what if i accidentally hit the pilgrim? will the quest just end?