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Loved him and how theatrical this fight was. Especially watching Kuro reject his request over and over every time I died. Made dying less frustrating lol. Also I used jumping mist raven against the lightning, but not sure if just plain jumping was enough
If you want to get in some easy blows on him, if there's ever a moment you can get close to him, circle him to the right. Wolf is fast enough to get an opening for a single attack while Genichiro is still turning to face him.
I don’t like the lightning attacks, but hear me out. I dislike lightning because of the way it’s handed to you, you’re told how to do it, sure, but you won’t have any practice until you reach the boss’s second phase. What I feel they should’ve done is make phase one harder, but give you a sorta checkpoint after you beat phase one. Then, make lightning do less to him, and give him two health bars in phase two. Sure, it’d make the fight longer overall, but it’d let new players be able to practice countering lightning without having to make it through phase one every single time.
what is there to practice its jump then press r1 anyone with at least 2 braincells could do that
not only is the lightning counter an extremely simple mechanic, it makes the last phase easy. if you really need that much practice with it, maybe come back to this one later
You can easily trivialize his first phase and take no damage whatsoever by doing this: Keep your block up and block literally EVERYTHING (and jump over/dodge perilous attacks) except one specific move -- the one where he attacks once and then runs over to your left and does a perilous attack. Jump over this perilous attack, land at a medium distance and hold X to do a piercing attack. This will alway***** and do damage so long as you get the range right. You can just exploit this one move to get to the second phase with full health and full gourds.
you obviously arent using kuro's charm
If you're new and struggling with this fight, imo it's because the mechanics of this game haven't "clicked" for you yet. Keep trying because once you kill him, every single time you encounter him later on you'll kill him with no sweat, and in one instance he actually gets harder, it's just you that learned more about the game. Be aggressive, deflect attacks as often as you can, and remember that perilous attacks aren't something you should be scared of, they're opportunities. You can get a deathblow on him when he still has 3/4 of his health. This is the fight that will make you fall in love with Sekiro's swordplay and posture system, so don't give up.
he will kick your *** on your first play through then on ng+ you'll wonder how he was ever hard
I dont really care for Genichiro as a character, but the way this boss fight was built up is magnificent. First, the game sharpens your deflect/parry game with the Ashina Elite miniboss, who deals tons of damage. Immediatly after, you finally have that long awaited confrontation with the one big nemesis you've been chasing so far. His attacks are a lot slower and forgiving than that of the Ashina Elite, but he gives you very few openings. His movepool is large, but they're all telegraphed very well. Fighting him feels familiar, as it should, and clashing head on is encouraged by a posture bar that both increases and decreases quickly, rewarding you with a quick finisher should you do well enough.

So much thought has went into it.
Genichiro as a character is dope
Just beat him for the first time on like the 10th attempt.
The great feeling I got from other souls game after beating a boss is missing.
Dunno why. I just felt frustrated by the fight. Sometimes I got to the third phase without a problem, sometimes I was dead in 10 seconds after starting the fight.
My win felt completely random...
Maybe I'm not getting something about the combat. Oh well...
I agree, victories nowhere near as satisfying as say DS3. Souls boss battles can be exhilarating but with Sekiro they are just not quite the same...