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This has got to be the worst drop in DS history
Not really, Pure Bladestones still holds the title for worst drop rates.
Not to mention you can use it to break the game, use the coin, talk to the demon *****, get infinite luck, use blueblood for luck scaled weapon. Profit.
Collect 79 of these to open the Illusory door in 1-3
It's been tested. It doesn't work.
You're thinking of a different item - the ceramic coin. And it's 26 of them that you need
79...... go play shadow of the colossus. This is demon souls and you have no clue what you’re talking about.
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This thing breaks the game
Get yourself a Bluebood sword (get broken sword from Valley of Defilement, kill Flame****er, give Ed the searing demon soul, upgrade broken sword to Blueblood sword)
Go farm fatbois until you get a gold coin to drop
Go back to Nexus, use the coin, then talk to waifu
Your luck goes skyrocketing into the tens of thousands until the effect wears off
Blueblood scales with luck, so its AR goes up into the thousands
And now since your item discovery is so high, all rare drops are guaranteed, so you can go kill more fatbois for more gold coins and repeat the glitch
There does not seem to be an upper limit on how high the stat or your damage can go so you can do this basically infinitely, probably until you hit an integer limit
So once the gold coin effect goes away you are back to your normal luck lvl?