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Has anyone else ever had him do two flips after the double shuriken throw?
He just did it to me and it completely threw me off XD
I just had that happen. Had a flashback of Artorias. Thought a third flip was coming.
He can, on occasion, do the flip without the preceding shuriken. Which means, if your RNG works out, he can pull an Artorias.
I was having the toughest time with this boss tries over and over I was having some success with other strategies and then I thought fire that's all you need to use with this boss fire fire fire his health will drain so fast get the skill living Force and use it to enhance your Katana with fire this will cut through him like butter I thought it looked kind of on looking at that big head of hair no wonder he burns right down to the ground in minutes


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Empowered Mortal Draw. Even if your spirit emblems are zilch this skill makes the boss easy. I killed him with the third attempt (I died the second times because of my stupidity!). It’s my first walkthrough. My attack is 8 and vitality is 18. Yep it takes much time to get empowered mortal draw but it’s worth it. You just run around the boss provoking him to throw 2 blades and do his spin attack and hit him with this skill (there are two attacks in your skill and sometimes you shouldn’t do your second swing of empowered mortal draw). It was easy. Lady butterfly I killed after, well, it wasn’t easy, guarding ape wasn’t easy too (in the cave, however, I killed him in one go), so I’m telling you I’m not a super master but this skill makes the fight really easy:)
his grand plan was break **** at hirata kill his son do all this convoluted crap than ask nicely for immortality
i beat him only using the lilac umbrella. lmao. https://youtu.be/O0JqvQdHemk
Dude you so bad at this game.
what's the symbol you get when you run into the charms mist?
"no medicine" literally
its 禁薬 which means "medicin forbidden"
Really cool how a lot of his moves are versions of what we can do as Sekiro, you can really see he was his master.
I like how he's "symbolically" taller during the fight because of Sekiro's view of his father. He really isn't as huge, you can tell during parts away from the fight.