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This enemies moveset along with its poise is grossly unfair. His attacks have no wind up making it impossible for the player to react. Very bad enemy design but what else do you expect with DS2.
He has pretty clear wind ups idk what you're talking about, just stay passive and wait for him to attack first and old knights aren't a problem because you can lure the much more agressive and wuck heide knight to you.
The heide knights apparently are too hard for you then, and if so, best stop playing now or stop complaining.
Git gud son
They seem to have a move, which they are supposed to use if you are behind them, which are super quick. However, if they get too close to you they seem to sometimes use it as well, and yes indeed it has no windup. Just make sure to have a weapons worth of distance between you and await its "normal" attacks. Also be aware, of the weird windup they make, where they stand still and slowly raise their sword using nothing but their wrist.
There is an emphasis of patience in this game. They can be taken out with efficiency if you take your time to circle around them for back damage.
Them being like this IS THE POINT. God, you people are so whiny
Git gud f*ckboy
Can u get the sword if you died before picking it up after killing the first heides knight in the forrest of the fallen giants?
Perhaps someone should add the neutral stance to quick slash attack? Would be more than helpful for newer players to know about that one.
Son, did you link the fire?
Are ya linking son?


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Why us the quote quoted. That's clearly not all in-game quotes.
This showed up when i typed sanic. the spear one right before the red dragon is quite fast
These guys are terrifying... Seeing them just chilling and suddenly breathing heavily while walking towards you like freckin possessed zombies is just awesome! Also, why are they impaled by arrows? Some Lore theories?
I mean, Heide's Tower of Flame is in ruins, so probably there was a battle there and those knights got wounded.
I'm only 10 hrs in, and the one with the spear killed me more times than all the bosses combined.
Go towards him with your (upgraded) shield up and round him over your right, he will hit you once and miss the rest of the hits, run towards his back, lower your shield and hit him trying to connect a backstabing. It takes a little while to get the strategy and the timing right. glhf
Back away and bait an attack. If it's the three hit swing combo, wait, then roll behind him right when he does the jumping attack and backstab him.
I need the drop rate on the Armor, i've been farming the tower for 2 days straight and it wont drop i've even used 2 bonfire ascetics


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Bonfire Ascetics don't effect drop rates. If you haven't already, try to get the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, Symbol of Avarice/Jester's Cap/Explorer's Hood, Watchdragon Parma, and a lot of Rusted Coins.
This is the actual final boss of the game XD